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(Testimony of John Raymond Hall)

Mr. Liebeler.
Can you tell me generally what he said and what you talked about?
Mr. Hall.
Maybe it is the whole pattern, but he had just gotten back from downtown Fort Worth, walking. On the way over there my wife was telling me how destitute they were. This was my first impression.
So when I walked in, he had just been to town to buy this 50-cent magazine on Russia, which of course I thought, to myself, here they are destitute he is spending 50 cents on a magazine, especially about Russia.
We visited that afternoon. We were there for an hour or so, and nothing really important was said, that I can think of.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did he tell you about his trip to Russia?
Mr. Hall.
Not a whole lot at this time. We were sort of impressed by his trip to Russia. The emphasis was on getting him moved to Dallas and getting him a job, so actually that was the main concern and talk at that time, and most of it really went on by George Bouhe and myself and this Taylor fellow.
Do you mind if I smoke?
Mr. Liebeler.
Certainly not. Go right ahead.
Did you and Oswald at any time ever discuss his trip to Russia in any detail?
Mr. Hall.
Oh, yes.
Mr. Liebeler.
Can you tell me approximately when that was?
Mr. Hall.
Yes; the first time which wasn't really much in detail, several weeks later my wife had an automobile accident and I flew in from Odessa on Wednesday or Thursday morning.
I believe she had the accident on Wednesday, and I flew in on Thursday morning. I went straight to the hospital and saw she was all right, and spent most of the day there.
And because Marina was staying at our home at that time, and this was the period during the divorce, I stayed in a motel, the Landmark Lounge.
The next couple of days Gall Clark, Mrs. Max Clark, took me by the house to get some clothes or something, where I was there just a few minutes and only Marina was there. That was the only contact I had with Marina, Thursday or Friday.
Then Oswald was in Dallas during this period of time on Saturday, and I was going back and forth from the motel to the hospital.
Then on Saturday Oswald came over, and his wife, who was staying at our house, as I mentioned, Marina fixed borsch, Russian soup, for Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Lee Oswald, and myself, and I ran out from the hospital and ate with them.
And during this period of time we had gotten on this thing about Russia a little bit, Max and Oswald and myself, and the conversation was really led by Max.
He was questioning Oswald as to the whole pattern, the whole system of government, the way it was really operated, as to the communistic principles and how jobs were secured and how people lived, and so forth. This was about all that was said there.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did the question come up as to why Oswald went to Russia in the first place?
Mr. Hall.
Not then. At this time I just ran out and ate soup, and they were still in conversation when I left to go back to the hospital, so I only stayed possibly an hour. Maybe 45 minutes.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you discuss with Oswald, or ever participate in a discussion in which the question as to why he went to Russia came up?
Mr. Hall.
Just generally. The next time I saw Oswald after--this was the car wreck; then my wife and I went to New York, and then we came back and we remarried November 17, I believe we didn't see Oswald again until Christmas when my wife fixed a little present, I think, for the baby and we came to Dallas, and we had been to church, it seems like. I think we spent the night at the Cabana Motel and went to church at the Greek Orthodox Church, St. Stephens, and then visited them on Sunday afternoon.
Wait a minute, no, I am talking about Christmas. That would have been
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