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(Testimony of William E. Wulf)

Mr. Wulf.
Yes; I asked McBride specifically how come this boy was like this, mixed up and all, and he said he lived with his mother--this is hearsay, of course, through McBride--that his mother didn't associate with him too much and the boy was pretty much on his own and a loner as such.
Mr. Liebeler.
And this was a discussion that you had with McBride in 1955-56?
Mr. Wulf.
Right, 1955.
Mr. Liebeler.
Have you talked to McBride about this thing since the assassination?
Mr. Wulf.
No; I have not. I have only corresponded with McBride once, and that was about a month ago. I sent him an amateur radiogram requesting the address of a mutual friend in New York, but I got no answer, and we were wondering where he is.
Mr. Liebeler.
I can't think of any other questions at this point. If you can think of anything else that you know about that you would like to add or that you think would be helpful to the Commission, I would appreciate it if you would add it.
Mr. Wulf.
Not that I know of. The only thing I can--I don't know how many people have told you of this period of his life--I amplify that at this time Oswald was definitely Communist-minded, he was violently for communism, and this is what struck me as so odd for a boy so young at the time. I believe we were both 16, and he was quite violent for communism. His beliefs seemed to be warped but strong, and one thing that did hit me, he seemed--I told this to McBride at the time--he seemed to me a boy that was looking for something to belong to. I don't think anybody was looking for him to belong to them, and it may have been a problem, but he was definitely looking for something to associate himself with. He had very little self-identification, and at the time he hit me as somebody who was looking for identification, and he just happened, I guess, to latch on to this particular area to become identified with. That is about all I know of him at that time, and following that period, after he moved from New Orleans and went to Dallas, I knew nothing of him until I saw what I thought was him at the time, but I was not sure, the films that you showed me.
Mr. Liebeler.
I don't have any other questions at this point. I want to thank you very much for coming in and cooperating with us to the extent that you have. The Commission appreciates it very much.
Mr. Wulf.
That is quite all right. I am glad we could help.

Mrs. Bennierita Smith

Testimony of Mrs. Bennierita Smith

The testimony of Mrs. Bennierita Smith was taken on April 7-8, 1964, at the Old Civil Courts Building, Royal and Conti Streets, New Orleans, La. by Mr. Wesley J. Liebeler, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.

Mrs. Bennierita Smith, having been first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

Mr. Liebeler.
Mrs. Smith, my name is Wesley J. Liebeler. I am a member of the legal staff of the President's Commission investigating the assassination of President Kennedy. Staff members have been authorized to take the testimony of witnesses by the Commission pursuant to the authority granted to the Commission by Executive Order No. 11130, dated November 29, 1963, and Joint Resolution of Congress No. 137.
I understand that Mr. Rankin wrote to you last week indicating that I would be in touch with you concerning your testimony.
Mrs. Smith.
Yes; he did.
Mr. Liebeler.
And that he enclosed with his letter a copy of the Executive order and of the resolution to which I have just referred, as well as a copy of the rules of procedure adopted by the Commission concerning the taking of
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