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(Testimony of Gerald Lynn Hill)

Mr. Hill.
As to the situation, we commented that it was a bad thing that we didn't have a space big enough to put everybody and make press releases to them like they did in some of the eastern cities.
I think somebody brought up the fact that in New York you wouldn't do what was done here because everybody had to go to one place and when they got ready to tell you something, they would come in and make a formal announcement, and if they wanted to throw it open for questions they did, and if they didn't they would walk out.
There was commenting on the smallness of the space that we had to work in and the inconvenience there, and the building, had it been Brooklyn, it wouldn't have created as much congestion and all.
But there was a feeling of congeniality between the police and the press, and I observed some of the officers that did have to go ask somebody to move or get out of the way, or not block a door, or so, or not block this, and the press was very nice about cooperating and doing at that time what they were asked to do.
What happened Saturday and Sunday, I don't know. But it was rather crowded, I will make that statement.
Mr. Belin.
Sergeant Hill, I have handed you these six bullets that you previously identified with your signature on it here, and asked you to examine and try to find which one, if any, had a scratch that you talked about, and you picked out what might properly be the one.
What is the fact as to whether or not this depression was a deep one or was one that you found difficult to see?
Mr. Hill.
It was one that I found difficult to see at the time.
However, the bullets had not been handled as much at that time, and they were less shiny, and evidence would have been a little better on a dull shell where a new marking had been made on it rather than one that had been handled a few times.
Mr. Belin.
The two that you picked out are marked, I believe, "Q-80" and the other one is "Q-177," is that it?
Mr. Hill.
That's right.
Mr. Belin.
I think you said as between the two of them, you saw----
Mr. Hill.
Q-80 would be the one.
Mr. Belin.
Now, Sergeant Hill, we met one time earlier here, I think, a couple of days ago, is that correct?
Mr. Hill.
I believe it was Friday afternoon, sir.
Mr. Belin.
Friday afternoon?
Mr. Hill.
Mr. Belin.
Originally we had your deposition set for Friday afternoon, is that correct?
Mr. Hill.
That's right.
Mr. Belin.
You came and I had an airplane flight, an 8 o'clock flight, that was canceled?
Mr. Hill.
That left.
Mr. Belin.
I left at 5:30--and now it is past 7 o'clock--and I told you I didn't think we had a chance to get your deposition.
At that time I believe I asked you just to state what general areas of work you had worked in so we could try and see whether or not we had time to take your deposition in half an hour, and I believe you described your work at the Texas School Book Depository in general terms, and in general terms your being at the Texas Theatre, but did we go into any details at that time?
Mr. Hill.
The only specifics we discussed were this.
You were asking Officer Hicks if either one recalled seeing a sack, supposedly one that had been made by the suspect, in which he could have possibly carried the weapon into the Depository, and I at that time told you about the small sack that appeared to be a lunchsack, and that that was the only sack that I saw, and that I left the Book Depository prior to the finding of the gun.
Or the section, if it was found up there on the sixth floor, if it was there, I didn't see it.
Then you asked me some statement, if I had heard it in the car, but I don't recall what statement it was.
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