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(Testimony of Eddy Raymond Walthers)

Mr. Walthers.
I was real sure it was Carroll that got the pistol out of his hands, or pulled it away from the hands and then some uniformed officers just gathered this boy that turned out to be Oswald up in a bunch, you might say, and I picked my shotgun up and Mr. McDonald, I remember seeing him pick his hat up off of the floor and standing over at the edge of everything and dusting his hat off when we got ready to come out with him, and I got the shotgun, and a lot of people had congregated out in front of the show and there's kind of an island there that goes all the way out into the street and people were all over it and I had gotten the shotgun and turned it sideways like a battering ram to get through and they were all raising hell and cussing and saying what they wanted to do, "Let us have him," and they wadded him up in the car and left with him, and then I got in my car and somewhere in the shuffle I lost the two officers I had with me---I don't remember how they got back to the station, but I remember leaving them---I couldn't find them, so I went on back to the station then and Mr. Decker gave me an address on a little piece of paper---I thought I could remember the address in Irving where this Oswald had been staying with Mrs. Paine.
Mr. Liebeler.
Was it 2515 West Fifth?
Mr. Walthers.
I believe it was---5th or 15th.
Mr. Liebeler.
I believe it was Fifth.
Mr. Walthers.
Yes; and I took our officer, Harry Weatherford, and we met Officer Adamcik that works for the city and Officer Rose and another one of their officers, but I don't recall his name right now--at this address in Irving and when we went to the door, what turned out to be Mrs. Paine just as soon as we stepped on the porch, she said, "Come on in, we've been expecting you, and we didn't have any trouble at all--we just went right on in and started asking her--at that time it didn't appear that her or Mrs. Oswald, or Marina, who came up carrying one of the babies in the living room--it didn't appear that they knew that Oswald had been arrested at all--the way they talked.
Mr. Liebeler.
How do you account for the fact that Mrs. Paine said, "Come on in, we've been expecting you?"
Mr. Walthers.
I don't know--to this day, I don't know.
Mr. Liebeler.
Are you sure that's what she said?
Mr. Walthers.
I know that's what she said.
Mr. Liebeler.
Mrs. Paine said that?
Mr. Walthers.
Yes, sir; she said, "Come on in, we have been expecting you."
Mr. Liebeler.
Was there anybody else there that heard her say that?
Mr. Walthers.
I imagine all the officers on the porch did. I know Rose was trying to show her his credentials and she just pushed the screen open and said, "Come on in." Now, after we got inside and we were making a search of the house with their permission, they had no objection whatsoever. Mrs. Oswald couldn't speak much English and Mr. Rose was doing most of the questioning, the city officer. We were just--not actually knowing what we were looking for, just searching, and we went into the garage there and found this--I believe it was one of these things like soap comes in, a big pasteboard barrel and it had a lot of these little leaflets in it, "Freedom for Cuba" and they were gold color with black printing on them, and we found those and we also found a gray blanket with some red trim on it that had a string tied at one end that you could see the imprint of a gun, I mean where it had been wrapped in it.
Mr. Liebeler.
You could really see the imprint of the gun?
Mr. Walthers.
You could see where it had been--it wasn't completely untied--one end had been untied and the other end had been left tied, that would be around the barrel and you could see where the gun had rested on the inside of it.
Mr. Liebeler.
You mean by that, you could tell that from the way the thing had been tied?
Mr. Walthers.
You could tell it from the way it was tied and the impression of where that barrel went up in it where it was tied, that a rifle had been tied in it, but what kind---you couldn't tell, but you could tell a rifle had been wrapped up in it, and then we found some little metal file cabinets---I don't know what kind you would call them---they would carry an 8 by 10 folder, all right, but with a single handle on top of it and the handle moves.
Mr. Liebeler.
About how many of them would you think there were?
Mr. Walthers.
There were six or seven, I believe, and I put them all in the
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