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(Testimony of James W. Altgens)

Mr. Altgens.
Oh, yes, sir; as a matter of fact I had two calls from him. I never met the man Bonafede, personally, but I had two calls from him and he indicated to me he was writing a story around this picture which showed this controversial figure standing in the doorway of picture No. 203. He was asking me if I knew him, if I had any information that I might be able to give him in connection with this, inasmuch as he was doing a story on it, and naturally I had no information to give him in that connection, but I don't know the man and I have never had an assignment down at the bookstore before or after the shooting so I have had no occasion to meet anyone down there in the building either before or after.
Mr. Liebeler.
I don't think I have any more questions at this point, Mr. Altgens. Can you think of anything else you think might be significant--let me ask you this--while you were standing there alongside of Elm Street and you heard this noise that you later deduced was a shot, after that time did you have any occasion to look up at the School Book Depository Building?
Mr. Altgens.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you see anything up there?
Mr. Altgens.
Well, as I said earlier--when I crossed the street, my vision prior to that was sort of obstructed because of the growth of trees in that area and me being down in a, low spot, I couldn't see the whole building too well, but after crossing the street, I looked up to that building as well as the other buildings back on Houston Street.
Mr. Liebeler.
Yes; I remember you testified about that and you said you saw those two Negroes?
Mr. Altgens.
I saw the two Negroes but I at that time lent no significance to that until I later heard where the shots were coming from and also since that time I have heard other people say they saw them too.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you know which window they were in, approximately, where on the fifth floor?
Mr. Altgens.
Well, they looked to me to be on the floor below, but they were leaning out as though they were looking for something. I do remember that, but since they had nothing in their hands I didn't feel that the shot was coming from their particular area. I saw no rifle at any time although I was looking for one and I reported it to my Associated Press that the President was apparently shot by a high-powered rifle, that's the way we carried it on the wire credited to my statement.
Mr. Liebeler.
When you saw these Negroes up there, were they in the center of the building or toward the part of the building closer to the triple underpass or toward Houston Street, or just where were they on the face here of the School Book Depository Building as it faces out on Elm Street? And Main Street?
Mr. Altgens.
Well, as I recall, they were down here close to Houston Street. They weren't directly under the window that was later described as being the area of the assassin's nest, but I think they were in a pair of windows that was maybe the next set of windows over, which was a floor below.
Mr. Liebeler.
When you say "over," you mean down towards the triple underpass?
Mr. Altgens.
Mr. Liebeler.
So that they were closer to the corner of the building that is near the intersection of Elm and Houston than they were towards the triple underpass end of the building?
Mr. Altgens.
Yes; there were also a number of people looking out of--I believe this building here [indicating on photograph ].
Mr. Liebeler.
Indicating the building immediately across Houston Street from the School Book Depository?
Mr, ALTGENS. But--they were scattered and once again, I couldn't see anything over there that suggested to me that they might have a rifle, and, of course, the buildings here which are the county records and courthouse buildings--those windows---I think had nobody in them because I believe they are closed and locked. I'm not real certain of that, but I don't recall seeing anyone at those windows over there.
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