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(Affidavit of David F. Powers)

a stretcher. The three of us and Special Agent Greer pushed him into the emergency area. I stayed with Mrs. Kennedy the entire time at the hospital. She went in and out of the emergency room and when she wasn't in the emergency room, she sat on a chair right outside the emergency room door. I believe Ken O'Donnell went to call the Attorney General as soon as we arrived at the hospital.
I accompanied the President's body and Mrs. Kennedy on the trip from the hospital to the airport. Some seats were removed from a rear compartment of the President's plane and the casket was placed there. On the trip back to Washington, Mrs. Kennedy refused to change her clothes or eat, but did sip some coffee. Upon arriving at Andrews Air Force Base, Mrs. Kennedy declined to take a helicopter to Bethesda Naval Hospital but instead chose to ride with President Kennedy's body in the hearse. Kenneth O'Donnell and I stayed with Mrs. Kennedy and the other members of the President's family at Bethesda until the early hours of the morning on November 23, 1963.
Signed the 18th day of May 1964 at Washington, D.C.
(S) David F. Powers,
Clifton C. Carter

Affidavit of Clifton C. Carter

The following affidavit was executed by Clifton C. Carter on May 20, 1964.



I, Clifton C. Carter, make the following affidavit concerning my knowledge of the events of November 22, 1963.
Vice President Johnson and I had been in Texas during the week preceding November 22nd, and we had met the party of President Kennedy in San Antonio, Texas, on Thursday, November 21, 1963.
I was on the Vice President's plane (AF-2) when it landed at Dallas Love Field on November 22 at about 11:30 a.m. Vice President and Mrs. Johnson left their plane and joined the reception party which greeted President and Mrs. Kennedy, who arrived in the President's plane (AF-1). President and Mrs. Kennedy then shook hands with people in the crowd along an iron fence. While the Presidential Party greeted the crowd, I went to the automobile where I was to ride in the motorcade. It was a Secret Service vehicle assigned to follow and protect the Vice President. Our car was right behind the Vice President's automobile, which was immediately to the rear of the Presidential Secret Service follow-up car, which drove right behind the President's automobile.
The automobile in which I rode was driven by a Dallas policeman. I sat in the middle of the front seat and held some radio equipment on my lap. Special Agent Jerry D. Kivett sat on my right and Special Agent Len Johns and someone else were in the rear seat. This was an unmarked Dallas police car.
Nothing unusual occurred on the motorcade route from Love Field to the downtown Dallas area. The crowds were very large and very friendly, except for two or three signs which contained derogatory comments about President Kennedy. I would estimate that the crowds were twice as big as they were in September of 1960 when Mr. Kennedy campaigned in Dallas. The motorcade slowed down at times, but I do not believe that it stopped.
The motorcade proceeded west on Main Street, made a righthand turn onto Houston and then swung around to the left on Elm, proceeding slowly at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. At approximately 12:30 p.m., our car had just made the lefthand turn off Houston onto Elm Street and was right along side of the Texas School Book Depository Building when I heard a noise which sounded like a firecracker. Special Agent Youngblood, who was seated on the righthand

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