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(Testimony of Heinz W. Michaelis)

Mr. Ball.
Red copy of the invoice being----
Mr. Michaelis.
No; was attached to the red copy of the invoice, exhibit number----
Mr. Ball.
Mr. Michaelis.
Indicates that the money was received.
Mr. Ball.
I see. Now, these documents were delivered to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by you, were they not?
Mr. Michaelis.
Through Mr. Wood; yes.
Mr. Ball.
And these documents, Exhibits 2 to 5, inclusive, are original documents, are they not?
Mr. Michaelis.
Mr. Ball.
Exhibit 1 being a photostat of the page in your looseleaf notebook?
Mr. Michaelis.
Mr. Ball.
Which carries the record of the sale, record of the item?
Mr. Michaelis.
Mr. Ball.
And does anybody in your organization that you know of have any personal knowledge of packing this particular gun and shipping it?
Mr. Michaelis.
I doubt very much that the packer would remember this particular parcel.
Mr. Ball.
About how many guns of this type do you sell and ship out of here in a year?
Mr. Michaelis.
In I year?
Mr. Ball.
Yes; just a general estimate.
Mr. Michaelis.
For Seaport Traders?
Mr. Rose.
That type of gun--we sell more .22's.
Mr. Ball.
Well, about how many?
Mr. Michaelis.
Seaport Traders, I would say that--this is a rough guess.
Mr. Ball.
This particular type, that Seaport Traders might have sold maybe 120 in a year; 120, 150 in a year.
Mr. Ball.
Would that be sold through mail order, or both mail order----
Mr. Michaelis.
I am talking about particularly mail-order business from Seaport Traders.
Mr. Ball.
120 or 125?
Mr. Michaelis.
120, 150, Of this particular type of gun.
Mr. Ball.
Is there anything else that you know about this particular transaction that you would like to tell me?

Affidavit of J. C. Cason

Mr. Michaelis.
No, sir; I believe I answered all the questions of this transaction.
J. C. Cason
Mr. Michaelis.
The following affidavit was executed by J. C. Cason on May 22, 1964.


County of Dallas, ss:

I, J. C. Cason, President and Treasurer, of the Texas School Book Depository declare the following statements:
The Texas School Book Depository was organized in 1908 as a sole proprietorship and continued in this manner until 1927 when it was incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas.
The Corporation's offices are located at Elm and Houston Streets, Dallas, Texas, and its warehouse and storage plant are located at 1917 North Houston Street, Dallas, Texas. It neither owns nor operated any other buildings in Dallas or in any other city.
The present officers are: J. C. Cason, President and Treasurer; and O. V. Campbell, Vice President and Secretary. The Directors are: J. C. Cason, O. V.

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