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(Testimony of Dr. Jackie Hansen Hunt)

Mr. Specter.
Were any nurses present?
Dr. HUNT. Yes--I don't know the names of any of them.

Mr. SPECTER. What, if anything, did you observe as to the condition of President Kennedy?
Dr. HUNT. The first good look I took at him I noticed that his eyes were opened and that the pupils were widely dilated and fixed and so I assumed that he was in essence dead.
Mr. SPECTER. At approximately what time did you arrive in the emergency room?
Dr. HUNT. I don't know--it would have been--I would think near 12:45, but I've really never even thought about it and I frankly don't remember.
Mr. Specter.
And how long after you arrived did you have an opportunity to observe the President in the way which you have just described?
Dr. HUNT. How long was it from the time I came in until I looked at him?
Mr. Specter.
Yes ma'am.
Dr. HUNT. A minute--2 minutes.
Mr. Specter.
Did you have any other observations at that time?

Dr. HUNT. No--other than that everyone was working on him. They were doing cardiac massage, closed chest massage, I.V.'s were running, and others were being started.
Mr. Specter.
Dr. HUNT. Intravenous fluids and, of course, our department was breathing for him.
Mr. SPECTER. And when you say "breathing for him," what do you mean by that ?
Dr. HUNT. Ventilating him--an endotracheal tube down into the trachea attached to an anesthesia machine with 100 percent oxygen going, and by manual compression of the bag, ventilating him.
Mr. Specter.
Did you observe any wounds on the President?
Dr. HUNT. I actually did not see the wounds.
Mr. Specter.
Did you at any time see a wound to the head?
Dr. HUNT. No; I didn't see it.

Mr. SPECTER. And was there something obscuring your view from seeing the head wound?
Dr. HUNT. Yes; I could see his face and I could also see that a great deal of blood was running off of the table from his right side and I was on his left side.
Mr. Specter.
Were you near his head or foot or the middle of the body?

Dr. HUNT. I was about midbody actually, well, no-more at his shoulder, when I leaned over to look at him.
Mr. SPECTER: Did you ever observe any wound in the neck?
Dr. HUNT. I did not actually see the wound in the neck. I say that because I assumed there was a wound--someone's hand was there and there was blood present, but there was blood on nearly everyone.
Mr. SPECTER. What was the condition of his throat when you first observed him, if you did observe it at all?
Dr. HUNT. I couldn't--I don't know--I can't say. You mean, as far as inside or outside?
Mr. Specter.
Dr. HUNT. I don't actually remember seeing anything except someone's hands were using a sponge or something was present in the area.
Mr. Specter.
What medical operation, if any, was performed on his throat?
Dr. HUNT. I don't know.
Mr. Specter.
Did you observe a tracheotomy being performed on his throat?
Dr. HUNT. No--that's not to say that they were not doing one.

Mr. SPECTER What else was done for the President other than that which you have already described?
Dr. HUNT. Well, let's see, I don't--as far as actual observation, I didn't-- other things were done--I left at this time and went to Governor Connally.
Mr. Specter.
At about what time did you leave President Kennedy?
Dr. HUNT. I was probably in the room no more than 4 minutes at the most.
Mr. Specter.
Had he been pronounced dead by the time you left?
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