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(Testimony of Dr. Adolph Hartung , Jr. Giesecke)

Dr. GIESECKE. Perhaps--perhaps--I'm shaky on that.
Mr. SPECTER. The reason I asked you about that specifically is because Dr. Carrico testified this morning that he and Dr. Dulany were on duty and Dr. Dulany went immediately with Governor Connally and Dr. Carrico went to President Kennedy.
Dr. GIESECKE. That may well be.

Mr. Specter.
What was the condition of the President when you arrived?
Dr. GIESECKE. There was a great deal of blood loss which was apparent when he came in the room--the cart was covered with blood and there was a great deal of blood on the floor. There was--I could see no spontaneous motion on the part of the President. In other words, he made no movement during the time that I was in the room. As I moved around towards the head of the emergency cart with the anesthesia machine and the resuscitative equipment and helped Dr. Jenkins to hook the anesthesia machine up to the President to give him oxygen, I noticed that he had a very large cranial wound, with loss of brain substance, and it seemed that most of the bleeding was coming from the cranial wound.
Mr. SPECTER. What did you observe specifically as to the nature of the cranial wound ?
Dr. GIESECKE. It seemed that from the vertex to the left ear, and from the browline to the occiput on the left-hand side of the head the cranium was entirely missing.
Mr. SPECTER. Was that the left-hand side of the head, or the right-hand side of the head ?
Dr. GIESECKE. I would say the left, but this is just my memory of it.
Mr. Specter.
That's your recollection ?
Dr. GIESECKE. Right, like I say, I was there a very short time really.
Mr. Specter.
Did you observe any other wound or bullet hole below the large area of missing skull ?
Dr. GIESECKE. No; when I arrived the tracheotomy was in progress at that time and so I observed no other wound except the one on the cranium.

Mr. SPECTER. On the cranium itself, did you observe another bullet hole below the portion of missing skull ?
Dr. GIESECKE. No, sir; this was found later by Dr. Clark--I didn't see this.
Mr. SPECTER. What makes you say that that hole was found later by Dr. Clark?
Dr. GIESECKE. Well, this is hearsay--I wasn't there when they found it and I didn't notice it.
Mr. Specter.
Well, Dr. Clark didn't observe that hole.
Dr. GIESECKE. Oh, he didn't--I'm sorry.

Mr. SPECTER. From whom did you hear that the hole had been observed, if you recollect?
Dr. GIESECKE-. Oh--I must be confused. We talked to so many people about these things--I don't remember.
Mr. SPECTER. Now, with respect to the condition of the President's neck, what was its status at the time you first observed it?
Dr. GIESECKE. Well, like I say, they were performing the tracheotomy, and I personally saw no wound in the neck other than the tracheotomy wound. As soon as the tracheotomy was completed, we removed the endotracheal tube and hooked the anesthesia machine to the tracheotomy tube and efforts were made then to put in a chest tube, an anterior chest tube.
Mr. Specter.
How long were you with President Kennedy altogether ?
Dr. GIESECKE. Approximately 5 minutes.

Mr. SPECTER. Have you now described everything which was done during the time you were there?
Dr. GIESECKE.. No--after having assisted Dr. Jenkins in establishing a ventilation, I then hooked up a cardiotachioscope or an electronic electrocardiographic monitor to the President by putting needles in the skin and plugging the thing in the wall, plugging the monitor in the wall. Before the machine had sufficient time to warm up to see if there were any electrical activity, then I was called out of the room.
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