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(Testimony of Dr. Conrad Peters Paul)

Mr. SPECTER. Did you have an opportunity to observe the wound on his neck prior to the time the tracheotomy was performed?
Dr. PETERS. No, I did not. The tracheotomy was already being done by Dr. Baxter and Dr. Perry when I got in the room. I did not see the wound on his neck.
Mr. SPECTER. Did you make any written reports on the treatment of President Kennedy?
Dr. PETERS. No, I did not; no one asked me to.
Mr. SPECTER. Did you prepare any notes of any sort, or do you have any notes of any sort?
Dr. PETERS. No; I do not.

Mr. Specter.
What was the cause of death in your opinion?

Dr. PETERS. I would assume that it was irreversible damage to the centers in the brain which control the heart and respiration.
Mr. Specter.
Have you talked to any representatives of the Federal Government about this matter prior to today?
Dr. PETERS. No; I have not.
Mr. SPECTER. And prior to the time the court reporter came in, did you and I have a brief discussion as to the nature of this deposition and the questions that I would ask you?
Dr. PETERS. No; I was not informed as to any specific questions. I knew the general nature of the testimony which I would give.
Mr. Specter.
From the discussion?

Dr. PETERS. From the letter I had received from the counsel signed by Mr. Rankin.

Testimony of Dr. Adolph Hartung , Jr. Giesecke

Mr. Specter.
And did you and I have a brief conversation here in this room today before the court reporter came in?
Dr. PETERS. Yes; we did.
Mr. SPECTER Do you have anything to add which you think might he of assistance to the President's Commission in its investigation?
Dr. PETERS. I do not--regarding the immediate condition of the President.
Mr. SPECTER Thank you very much for coming, Dr. Peters, we are very much obliged to you.
Dr. PETERS. Thank you.
Dr. Adolph Hartung Giesecke, Jr.

The testimony of Dr. Adolph Hartung Giesecke, Jr., was taken at 1:40 p.m., on March 25, 1964, at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Arlen Specter, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. SPECTER. May the record show that Dr. A. H. Giesecke, Jr., is present in response to a letter request from the Commission to appear at this deposition proceeding in connection with the President's Commission to Investigate the Assassination of President Kennedy, including his medical treatment at Parkland Hospital.
Dr. Giesecke has been asked to appear to testify about his knowledge of the treatment that President Kennedy and Governor Connally received at Parkland Hospital on November 22, and with that preliminary statement of purpose and objective, would you please stand up, Dr. Giesecke, and raise your right hand?
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you give before this President's Commission in these deposition proceedings will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Dr. GIESECKE. Yes; I do.

Mr. Specter.
Will you state your full name, please, for the record ?
Dr. GIESECKE. Adolph Hartung Giesecke, Jr. H-a-r-t-u-n-g (spelling).
Mr. Specter.
What is your profession?

Dr. GIESECKE. I am a physician and anesthesiologist.
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