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(Testimony of Geneva L. Hine)

Mr. Ball.
Miss HINE. He said that was just his way.
Mr. Ball.
On the 22d of November 1963, did you know that there was to be a motorcade or parade come by your building?
Miss HINE. Oh, yes, sir.
Mr. Ball.
How did 'you find that out?
Miss HINE. Sir, I don't remember. I probably heard over the news but I cannot remember.
Mr. Ball.
You were just aware of the fact?
Miss HINE. Yes; I knew it and the girls were discussing it in the office that morning. Many of them, probably six, had not seen the President close. You see, I had seen him on two different occasions and I had been very close to him and so they were lamenting that they couldn't go out so I spoke up and said "I will be glad to answer the telephone so you girls may go out and see the motorcade" and I bad previously answered the telephone when we were in the other building before we moved in this building, so they were delighted and I thought nothing about it.
Mr. Ball.
Did they all go out?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir; everyone went out.

Mr. BALL. Was there anyone left in the office part of the building on that second floor office?
Miss HINE. Only Mr. Williams and myself and he stayed with me because he was working on his desk until he thought that the motorcade was about there.
Mr. Ball.
Then he went out?

Miss HINE. When he thought it was about there he said "I think I will go out for 5 minutes."
Mr. Ball.
What is his name?
Miss HINE. Otis N. Williams.
Mr. Ball.
He works in the office, too?
Miss HINE. Yes.
Mr. Ball.
Did you have to change your desk over to another desk?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir; to the middle desk on the front row.
Mr. Ball.
Was there a switchboard?
Miss HINE. No, sir; we have a telephone with three incoming lines, then we have the warehouse line and we have an intercom system.
Mr. Ball.
You don't have a switchboard?
Miss HINE. Not now; we did in the other building.
Mr. Ball.
Were you alone then at this time?
Miss HINE. Yes.
Mr. Ball.
Did you stay at your desk?

Miss HINE. Yes, sir: I was alone until the lights all went out and the phones became dead because the motorcade was coming near us and no one was calling so I got up and thought I could see it from the east window in our office.
Mr. Ball.
Did you go to the window?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir.
Mr. Ball.
Did you look out?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir.
Mr. Ball.
What did you see?
Miss HINE. I saw the escort car come first up the middle of Houston Street.
Mr. Ball.
Going north on Houston Street?

Miss HINE. Yes, sir; going north on Houston Street. I saw it turn left and I saw the President's car coming and I saw the President and saw him waving his hand in greeting up in the air and I saw his wife and I saw him turn the corner and after he turned the corner I looked and I saw the next car coming Just at the instant I saw the next car coming up was when I heard the shots.
Mr. Ball.
How many did you hear?
Miss HINE. Three.
Mr. Ball.
Could you tell where the shots were coming from?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir; they came from inside the building.
Mr. Ball.
How do you know that?

Miss HINE. Because the building vibrated from the result of the explosion coming in.
Mr. Ball.
It appeared to you that the shots came from the building?
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