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(Testimony of Miss Victoria Elizabeth Adams)

the time the shots were fired and the time you got back to the building? How much time elapsed? If you have any estimate. Maybe you don't have one.
Miss ADAMS. I would estimate not more than 5 minutes elapsed.

Mr. Belin.
Is there any particular reason why you make this estimation?
Miss ADAMS. Yes, sir; going down the stairs toward the back, I was running. I ran to the railroad tracks. I moved quickly to the front of the building, paused briefly to talk to someone, listened only to the report of the windows from which the shot supposedly was fired, and returned to the building.

Mr. BELIN. How long do you think it was between the time the shots were fired and the time you left the window to start toward the stairway?
Miss ADAMS. Between 15 and 30 seconds, estimated, approximately.
Mr. BELIN. How long do you think it was, or do you think it took you to get from the window to the top of the fourth floor stairs?
Miss ADAMS. I don't think I can answer that question accurately, because the time approximation, without a stopwatch, would be difficult.
Mr. BELIN. How long do you think it took you. to get from the window to the bottom of the stairs on the first floor?
Miss ADAMS. I would say no longer than a minute at the most.
Mr. BELIN. So you think that from the time you left the window on the fourth floor until the time you got to the stairs at the bottom of the first floor, was approximately 1 minute?
Miss ADAMS. Yes, approximately.
Mr. Belin.
As I understand your testimony previously, you saw neither Roy

Truly nor any motorcycle police officer at any time?
Miss ADAMS. That's correct.
Mr. Belin.
You heard no one else running down the stairs?
Miss ADAMS. Correct.
Mr. BELIN. When you got to the first floor did you immediately proceed to this point where you say you encountered Mr. Shelley and Mr. Lovelady?
Well, you showed me on a diagram of the first floor that there was a place which was south and somewhat east of the front part of the east elevator that
you encountered Truly and Lovelady?
Miss ADAMS. I saw them there.
Mr. Belin.
I mean; you saw them?
Miss ADAMS. Yes.

Mr. BELIN. Would that have been a matter of seconds after you got to the bottom of the first floor?
Miss ADAMS. Definitely.
Mr. Belin.
Less than 30 seconds?
Miss ADAMS. Yes.

Mr. BELIN. Do you know, or did you know Lee Harvey Oswald either by sight or by name?
Miss ADAMS. I didn't know Lee Harvey Oswald, per se. I didn't know his name. I recognized him after I saw him on television, as having been with some men, but I had no dealing with him.
Mr. Belin.
By that, you mean having been employed with some men by the Texas School Book Depository?
Miss ADAMS. That's correct.
Mr. Belin.
During the trip down the stairs on the way down did you ever encounter Lee Harvey Oswald?
Miss ADAMS. No, sir.

Mr. BELIN. Is there any other information that you can think of that might be relevant to anything, connected with the assassination?
Miss ADAMS. At the time I left the building on the Houston Street dock, there was an officer standing about 2 yards from the curb, and about from the curb across the street from the Texas School Depository, and about 4 yards from the corner of Houston and Elm, and when we were running out the dock, going around the building, the officer was standing there, and he didn't encounter us or ask us what we were doing or where we were going, and I don't know if that is pertinent.
Mr. BELIN. No one stopped you from getting out of the building when you left?
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