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(Testimony of Miss Victoria Elizabeth Adams)

Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy shah be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Miss. ADAMS. I do.

Mr. Belin.
All right. Would you please state your name?
Miss ADAMS. Victoria Elizabeth Adams.
Mr. Belin.
Are you known as Vickie Adams?
Miss ADAMS. That's correct.
Mr. Belin.
Where do you live?
Miss ADAMS. 4906 Wenonah, Dallas, Tex.
Mr. Belin.
What is your occupation?
Miss ADAMS. I am employed as an office survey representative.
Mr. Belin.
By whom?
Miss ADAMS. Scott Foresman Co.
Mr. Belin.
Where do you work?
Miss ADAMS. On the fourth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.
Mr. Belin.
Miss ADAMS. 411 Elm.
Mr. Belin.
That is at the corner of Elm and Houston?
Miss ADAMS. That is correct.
Mr. Belin.
I might ask how old are you?
Miss ADAMS. Twenty-three.
Mr. Belin.
Where were you born originally? In Texas?
Miss ADAMS. San Francisco, Calif.
Mr. Belin.
Did you go to school in San Francisco?

Miss ADAMS. I attended part of my grammar school and high school in San Francisco.
Mr. Belin.
Were you graduated from high school?
Miss ADAMS. In San Francisco, that's correct.
Mr. Belin.
Then what did you do?

Miss ADAMS. Following that I entered the Ursaline Order in St. Mary's, Ohio, and I left there as a novice in 1961.
Mr. Belin.
Then what did you do from there?
Miss ADAMS. I went to Atlanta, Ga. and taught school at the Immaculate Heart of Mary School. And following that I came to Dallas and was employed by the Holiday Inn Central during the summer months, and I obtained a teaching position at St. Monica's School here.
Mr. Belin.
And you taught at St. Monica for some period of time?
Miss ADAMS. Yes; for 1 year.
Mr. Belin.
Then you went to work for Scott Foresman?
Miss ADAMS. I went to work for Scott Foresman.
Mr. Belin.
Were you at work on November 22, 1963?
Miss ADAMS. That's correct.
Mr. Belin.
Were you aware of the fact that the President's motorcade was going to go right by your building?
Miss ADAMS. Yes, sir.
Mr. Belin.
How did you learn of this information?
Miss ADAMS. Through newspaper media and also conversation.
Mr. Belin.
Do you remember when you first read about it in the papers?
Miss ADAMS. No, sir; I don't.
Mr. Belin.
Would it have been before November 22d?
Miss ADAMS. Yes.
Mr. Belin.
Where were you when the motorcade passed?
Miss ADAMS. I was at the----
Mr. Belin.
Were you inside or outside the building?
Miss ADAMS. I was inside the building.
Mr. Belin.
What floor?
Miss ADAMS. Fourth floor.
Mr. Belin.
Did you watch the motorcade through a window?
Miss ADAMS. Yes, sir.

Mr. BELIN. Sometimes that is kind of complicated to try and pick out which window if you are counting from the right or left, so I am going to count from the east side of the building to the west side of the building.
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