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(Testimony of Frankie Kaiser Resumed)

Mr. BALL. Which cartons--it was found behind--are the cartons in the picture--it wasn't found where it is circled there?

Mr. Kaiser.
It wasn't found where it circled--there--it was found on the floor.
Mr. Ball.
Put a big "X" on the carton behind which it was found.

Mr. KAISER. I'll put it on this one---it was found between that and the wall. (Witness placed "X" on the pictures requested by Counsel Ball.)
Mr. BALL. You have marked an "X" on the carton--between that carton and the wall the clipboard was found.
Mr. Kaiser.
Yes, between these row of cartons right over there.
Mr. Ball.
Now, did you later find clothing?

Mr. KAISER. I just found the coat there---I didn't even know it was his until somebody told me it was. I thought they were kidding.
Mr. BALL. This is Commission Exhibit 163--do you recognize that blue jacket?
Mr. Kaiser.
That's the one I found.
Mr. Ball.
Where did you find it--tell me first.
Mr. Kaiser.
It was in the window sill.
Mr. Ball.
In what room?
Mr. Kaiser.
In the domino room.
Mr. BALL. Now, I show you a picture, No. 17, this is marked---does this show the window?
Mr. Kaiser.
Right down in here.
Mr. BALL. There is a Jacket showing in that window, is that where the jacket was found?
Mr. Kaiser.
Yes, sir; but it was laying behind this in the window.
Mr. Ball.
It wasn't found in the position of the jacket shown in the picture?
Mr. Kaiser.
No; it sure wasn't.
Mr. Ball.
But was it the same window?
Mr. Kaiser.
Mr. Ball.
And the window sill is shown there too?
Mr. Kaiser.
Yes; it is.
Mr. BALL. I show you a picture which is marked Exhibit 18, does this show the place where the jacket was found?
Mr. Kaiser.
Right over in here.
Mr. Ball.
Where--put an "X" there---it's in the window sill?
Mr. Kaiser.
(Marked diagram with an "X". )
Mr. BALL. There is an Exhibit 17, which shows the corner of the domino room and the window and it is marked as Exhibit B and the picture marked No. 18, which shows the window sill, bearing an "X" placed there by the witness, and is marked as Exhibit "C". Will you initial that "C" please?
Mr. Kaiser.
( Initialed instrument as requested. )
Mr. Ball.
That's "FK".
I believe we are through, now, Frankie, thank you very much.
Mr. Kaiser.
That's all right.
Mr. Ball.
You'll waive this signature too?

Testimony of Charles Douglas Givens

Mr. Kaiser.
(Instruments marked by the reporter as Kaiser Exhibits B and C, for identification.)
Charles Douglas Givens
Mr. Kaiser.
The testimony of Charles Douglas Givens was taken at 9 a.m., on April 8, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. David W. Belin, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.

Mr. BELIN. Would you stand and raise your right hand? Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you are about to give, will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

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