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(Testimony of Lee E. , Jr. Bowers)

Mr. Ball.
What was the description of that car?
Mr. BOWERS. The first car was a 1959 Oldsmobile, blue and white station wagon with out-of-State license.
Mr. Ball.
Do you know what State?
Mr. Bowers.
No; I do not. I would know it, I could identify it, I think, if I looked at a list.
Mr. Ball.
And, it had something else, some bumper stickers?
Mr. Bowers.
Had a bumper sticker, one of which was a Goldwater sticker, and the other of which was of some scenic location, I think.
Mr. Ball.
And, did you see another car?

Mr. BOWERS. Yes, some 15 minutes or so after this, at approximately 12 o'clock, 20 to 12--I guess 12:20 would be close to it, little time differential there--but there was another car which was a 1957 black Ford, with one male in it that seemed to have a mike or telephone or something that gave the appearance of that at least.
Mr. Ball.
How could you tell that?
Mr. BOWERS. He was holding something up to his mouth with one hand and he was driving with the other, and gave that appearance. He was very close to the tower. I could see him as he proceeded around the area.
Mr. Ball.
What kind of license did that have?
Mr. Bowers.
Had a Texas license.
Mr. Ball.
What did it do as it came into the area, from what street?

Mr. BOWERS. Came in from the extension of Elm Street in front of the School Depository.
Mr. Ball.
Did you see it leave?
Mr. Bowers.
Yes; after 3 or 4 minutes cruising around the area it departed the same way. He did probe a little further into the area than the first car.
Mr. Ball.
Did you see another car?

Mr. BOWERS. Third car, which entered the area, which was some seven or nine minutes before the shooting, I believe was a 1961 or 1962 Chevrolet, four-door Impala, white, showed signs of being on the road. It was muddy up to the windows, bore a similar out-of-state license to the first car I observed, occupied also by one white male.
Mr. Ball.
What did it do?
Mr. BOWERS. He spent a little more time in the area. He tried-he circled the area and probed one spot right at the tower in an attempt to get and was forced to back out some considerable distance, and slowly cruised down back
towards the front of the School Depository Building.
Mr. Ball.
Then did he leave?

Mr. BOWERS. The last I saw of him he was pausing just about in--just above the assassination site.
Mr. Ball.
Did the car park, or continue on or did you notice?
Mr. BOWERS. Whether it continued on at that very moment or whether it pulled up only a short distance, I couldn't tell. I was busy.
Mr. Ball.
How long was this before the President's car passed there?
Mr. Bowers.
This last car? About 8 minutes.
Mr. Ball.
Were you in a position where you could see the corner of Elm and Houston from the tower?

Mr. BOWERS. No; I could not see the corner of Elm and Houston. I could see the corner of Main and Houston as they came down and turned on, then I couldn't see it for about half a block, and after they passed the corner of Elm and Houston the car came in sight again.
Mr. BALL. You saw the President's car coming out the Houston Street from Main, did you?
Mr. Bowers.
Yes; I saw that.
Mr. Ball.
. Then you lost sight of it?
Mr. Bowers.
Right. For a moment.
Mr. Ball.
Then you saw it again where?

Mr. BOWERS. It came in sight after it had turned the corner of Elm and Houston.
Mr. BALL. Did you hear anything?
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