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(Testimony of Mrs. Jean Lollis Hill)

we were, as far as I know, we were the only people down there in that area, and just as I yelled, "Hey," to him, he started to bring his head up to look at me and just as he did the shot rang out. Mary took the picture and fell on the ground and of course there were more shots.

Mr. Specter.
How many shots were there altogether?
Mrs. HILL. I have always said there were some four to six shots. There were three shots---one right after the other, and a distinct pause, or just a moment's pause, and then I heard more.
Mr. SPECTER. How long a time elapsed from the first to the third of what you described as the first three shots?
Mrs. Hill.
They were rapidly---they were rather rapidly fired.
Mr. SPECTER. Could you give me an estimate on the timespan on those three shots?
Mrs. Hill.
No; I don't think I can.
Mr. SPECTER. Now, how many shots followed what you described as the first three shots?
Mrs. HILL. I think there were at least four Or five shots and perhaps six, but I know there were more than three.
Mr. SPECTER. How much time elapsed from the very first shot until the very last shot, will you estimate?
Mrs. HILL. I don't think I could, properly, but my girl friend fell on the ground after about---during the shooting---right, I would say, just immediately after she had taken the picture---probably about the third shot. She fell on the ground and grabbed my slacks and said, "Get down, they're shooting." And, I knew they were but I was too stunned to move, so I didn't get down. I just stood there and gawked around.
Mr. SPECTER. Can't you give me any better idea on the sequence of the shots other than to say that there were three shots right in a row and then a moment's pause and an additional shot or shots.
Mrs. Hill.
In what way?

Mr. SPECTER. Is there any way you could be more specific by way of time lapses among any of the shots, from the first to the second shot, the second to the third, or in that manner?
Mrs. HILL. The three were fired as though one person were firing; I mean, to me. They were fired just like you could reload and fire again or whatever you do with a gun.
Mr. Specter.
With what sort of an action?
Mrs. HILL. I think that the firing that was done could have been done with the type gun that they say the assassinator used.
Mr. Specter.
And what type gun was that, according to your understanding?
Mrs. Hill.
A bolt action.
Mr. SPECTER. And how about the shots that followed the three shots, then, what would the sequence of timing have been on those?
Mrs. HILL. I thought they were different---I thought the sequence was different.
Mr. Specter.
How will you describe the sequence?
Mrs. Hill.
Quicker--more automatic.
Mr. Specter.
Were there as few as four, as you recollected?
Mrs. Hill.
I won't say positively, I think I can still seemingly hear it, and I would still say there were more, you know, I'm saying 4 to 6. I know there were at least 4, and I just almost swear that I heard 5 or 6.
Mr. Specter.
Could there have been more than 6 that you heard?
Mrs. Hill.
I couldn't say that I heard more than that.
Mr. SPECTER. Could you say for certain that you did not hear more than that?
Mrs. Hill.
Yes; I didn't hear any more than that.
Mr. SPECTER. What was the position of the President, as best you recollect it, at the time the first shot was heard by you?
Mrs. HILL. He was slightly turned, he was sitting back in the seat, slightly turned toward Mrs. Kennedy and his head was down, and his hands were like this (indicating ).
Mr. SPECTER. His hands were in his lap?
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