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(Testimony of Robert Edwin Edwards)

Mr. Belin.
What did Fischer say to you?

Mr. EDWARDS. I don't recall what he said, but I know that we said a few things. It wasn't of any importance at the time. And we looked up at him, both of us.
Mr. Belin.
How long did you look at him?
Mr. Edwards.
Just a few seconds.
Mr. BELIN. Then what took your attention away, if any, or did you Just start looking somewhere else?
Mr. Edwards.
Started looking somewhere else.
Mr. Belin.
How long after that did the motorcade come by?
Mr. Edwards.
Thirty seconds or a minute.
Mr. Belin.
Anything else that you can remember that you or Ronald Fischer
Mr. Edwards.
Mr. Belin.
Anything else you can think of that might be relevant at all?
Mr. Edwards.
Mr. Belin.
How many shots did you hear, if you remember?
Mr. Edwards.
Well, I heard one more then than was fired, I believe.
Mr. Belin.
You mean you said on the affidavit you heard four shots?
Mr. Edwards.
I still right now don't know how many was fired. If I said four, then I thought I heard four.
Mr. Belin.
If you said four, you mean the affidavit-maybe we'd better introduce it into the record as Edward's Deposition Exhibit A. Where do you think the shots came from?
Mr. Edwards.
I have no idea.
Mr. Belin.
In the affidavit you stated that the shots seemed to come from the building there. Did you really say that or not?
Mr. Edwards.
No; I didn't say that.
Mr. Belin.
All right, anything else you can think of?
Mr. Edwards.
Mr. BELIN. I want to thank you for coming down here. You have an opportunity, if you want, to come back and read this deposition and sign it, or else you can waive the signing and reading of it and it will be sent directly to Washington by the court reporter. It makes no difference to us. You can read and sign or can waive reading and signing.
Mr. Edwards.
I don't want to make an extra trip.
Mr. Belin.
Do you want to waive it then?

Testimony of Mrs. Jean Lollis Hill

Mr. Edwards.
Mr. BELIN. Thank you, sir.
Mrs. Jean Lollis Hill
Mr. Edwards.
The testimony of Mrs. Jean Lollis Hill was taken at 2:30 p.m.. on March 24, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Arlen Specter, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.

Mr. SPECTER, May the record show that Mrs. Jean Lollis Hill is present at this moment in response to a letter request that she appear and give a deposition to the President's Commission investigating the assassination of President Kennedy.
May I say for the record, Mrs. Hill, that the Commission is investigating all of the facts relating to the shooting and, and we have asked you to appear here today to tell us what you know, if anything, relating to the actual assassination, because we understand you were on the scene or nearby at that time.
May the record further reflect that Mrs. Hill was sent a letter under date of March 18, 1964. With that preliminary statement, I will ask you, Mrs. Hill, to stand and raise your right hand, if you will please.
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you shall give before the President's

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