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(Testimony of Mary Ann Mitchell)

Miss MITCHELL. Yes, sir; I was thinking about which corner of the building.

Mr. Ball.
The northwest corner of the building and the southeast corner of the intersection, is that right?
Miss MITCHELL. Yes, sir.
Mr. Ball.
Were you near the curb when you were standing?
Miss MITCHELL. Yes; I was on the curb.
Mr. Ball.
Did you see the President's car pass?
Miss MITCHELL. Yes; I did

Mr. BALL. Tell me in your own words what you noticed and what you heard after the President's car passed; what did you see and what did you hear?
Miss MITCHELL. Well, the President's car passed and, of course, I watched it as long as I could see it but, as I remember, immediately behind it was a car full of men with the top down and quite a few of them were standing and I assumed they were Secret Service men, so after the car turned the corner and started down the hill, I couldn't see over the heads of the standing men for very long, so then I turned back to watch the other people in the caravan, whatever you call it, and probably about the time the car in which Senator Yarborough was riding had just passed, I heard some reports. The first one---there were three---the second and third being closer together than the first and second and probably on the first one my thought was that it was a firecracker and I think on the second one I thought that some police officer was after somebody that wasn't doing right and by the third report Jim Crawford had said the shots came from the building and as I looked up there then we realized that if the shots were coming from that building there was bound to have been somebody shooting at the people in the cars.
Mr. BALL. You heard Jim Crawford say something about if they were shots--- what were his words exactly?
Miss MITCHELL. Well, I'm not sure that he said---I think he just said, "Those shots came from that building," just assuming that everybody could have figured out by then that they were shots.
Mr. Ball.
Did you look at the building?
Miss MITCHELL. Yes; I did.
Mr. Ball.
Did you see anybody in any of the windows?

Miss MITCHELL. I don't remember. I understand there were some porters that were leaning out of the fifth floor windows but I don't remember whether I saw them or not. I know where I thought he was pointing and where I was looking I couldn't see anybody so I never was sure which window he thought he was pointing to.
Mr. Ball.
Was he pointing?
Miss MITCHELL. I am almost sure that he was because I was trying to figure out exactly where he was.
Mr. Ball.
What did you do after that, if anything?

Miss MITCHELL. Well, looked back around at the crowd, I'm sure, because I expected to see the Secret Service men and police 'escorts just start pouring everywhere when we decided what the shots were and then looking at the people that were falling on the ground and started milling around and then I went back in the office.
Mr. Ball.
And you did not come out again?
Miss MITCHELL. No; I did not come out again.
Mr. BALL. Did you, at any time, say anything like "oh, no, no" in reply to what Mr. Crawford said?
Miss MITCHELL. Well, yes, I'm sure I did.
Mr. Ball.
In reply to what remark of his?
Miss MITCHELL. Oh, I don't know. I don't know possibly it was when he was talking about the shots coming from the building but I don't remember if he said anything else.

Mr. BALL. Well, if you excuse me just a minute, let me look in my notes here. These are the notes from which I refresh my memory here.
Miss MITCHELL. I can remember what I was saying and doing better than I can what other people were.
Mr. Ball.
Is there anything else that you remember that you said?
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