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(Testimony of James N. Crawford)

officers or the FBI, it evidently was a sound that was reflected by the underpass and therefore came back. It did not sound to me, ever, as I remember, the high-powered rifle sounding. It was not the sharp crack.
Mr. BALL. What caused you to look up at the Texas School Book Depository Building?
Mr. CRAWFORD. The sound had to be coming from somewhere; the noise was being made at some place, so I didn't see anyone shooting firecrackers or anything else and I thought "this idiot surely shouldn't do such a thing," but if they were, where were they, and if they were shots, where were they coming from, and that caused me to search the whole area on Houston Street and in front of the Texas Depository on Elm Street and then up and that's how I happened to be looking up at the time, rather than observing things in the street, probably.

Mr. Ball.
Did you ever see any smoke?
Mr. Crawford.
No, sir; I did not.
Mr. Ball.
In your remark to Mary Ann Mitchell, did you say "if those were shots, they came from that window"?
Mr. Crawford.
Mr. Ball.
That is what you reported to the FBI agent, also?

Mr. CRAWFORD. Yes, I suppose; at that time, I was still not absolutely sure that they were shots and that's why I said if they were shots. I was basing that, I am sure I was basing that mainly on the fact of this quick movement that I observed. In other words, if I were firing the shots, I would have jumped back immediately at the conclusion of them.
Mr. Ball.
. Later on, did you go back in the street and talk to someone?
Mr. Crawford.
Mr. Ball.
Did you talk to a deputy sheriff?
Mr. Crawford.
Allen Swett.
Mr. Ball.
What did you tell him?

Mr. CRAWFORD. I told him to have the men search the boxes directly behind this window that was open on the sixth floor-the window in the far east corner.
Mr. Ball.
Did you tell him anything of what you had seen?
Mr. CRAWFORD. I don't think so. I think I was so amazed that I could walk across the street and walk up to this building that was supposedly under surveillance and the man had not been---I say "the man"---there had not been anyone apprehended.
Mr. BALL. How long was it after you heard the shots that you walked up to Allen Swett and talked to him?
Mr. CRAWFORD. My guess is it could have been anywhere from 10-20 minutes. My guess would be around 15-20 minutes.
Mr. BALL. In the statement you made to the FBI agent, he reports you said you walked to the Texas School Book Depository where you contacted Deputy Sheriff Allen Swett and advised him of the movement you had seen in the sixth floor window?
Mr. Crawford.
I must have said something about the movement. I did tell him to search those windows, I think.
Mr. BALL. Could you in your own words give us your memory of what you told Allen Swett?
Mr. CRAWFORD. I would probably have said, as I remember it, that to have the men search--have someone search the boxes directly behind that window. I had seen some movement directly after the shots. That was, I think, all I said. I did not-there was no conversation and at the conclusion of my statement, he directed several men up there.
Mr. Ball.
Did you ever go in the building yourself?
Mr. Crawford.
I did not and I still have not been in there.
Mr. Ball.
I think that's all, Mr. Crawford. Thanks very much.
Mr. Crawford.
Thank you, Mr. Ball.
Mr. Ball.
Incidentally, will you waive signature on this?
Mr. Crawford.
Yes; I will.
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