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(Testimony of Charles Jack Price)

Mr. Price.
It is; and I think I reviewed it with you at the time I gave this to you---the transverse of patients No. 2 and No.
Mr. Specter.
No. 5 is marked John Connally and No. 2 is John F. Kennedy, and how should that have been marked?
Mr. Price.
The first patient in the hospital was Governor Connally.
Mr. Specter.
So, he should have been No. 2?
Mr. Price.
So, he should have been No. 2 as shown on the transcript.
Mr. Specter.
And the President should have been noted as No. 5?
Mr. Price.
'The President should have been noted as No. 5.
(Instrument referred to marked by the reporter as Price Exhibit No. 5, for identification.)
Mr. PRICE. The simultaneous arrival at the ambulance dock would not affect the time as shown in the corrected copy that I gave you of the arrival there.
Mr. SPECTER. Now, turn if you will, to the records on Governor Connally and I will ask you if as part of Commission Exhibit 392, we have photostatic copies of the operative records starting, first with the operation performed by Dr. Shaw.
Mr. PRICE. I have the original of that but this is the complete medical charts that I have here.
Mr. Specter.
As to this report alone, do you have the original in that record?
Mr. Price.
Here it is.
Mr. SPECTER. And is this an exact photocopy of the original report prepared by Dr. Robert Shaw. the original of which appears in your record on Governor Connally?
Mr. Price.
It is.
Mr. SPECTER. Is this an exact photostatic copy of the report of Dr. Charles Gregory?
Mr. PRICE. There has been since this photostat was made and forwarded to you-Dr. Gregory, prior to signing the official copy, did make some pencil corrections, and I will be glad to have the original photostated or Xeroxed now and give you a corrected copy if you would like?
Mr. Specter.
That would be fine, and perhaps it would be faster just to read those changes into our record here. However, let's pursue the line of getting a Xerox copy. Now, turning to the report of Dr. Shires, is this a true and correct photostatic copy of Dr. Shires' report?
Mr. Price.
. It is; it is a correct copy.
Mr. SPECTER Now, I show you a large group of papers which I am going to ask the reporter to mark Mr. Price Exhibits Nos. 6, 7. 8, and 9.
(Instruments referred to marked by the reporter as Price Exhibits Nos. 6. 7, 8, and 9, for identification.)
Mr. SPECTER. I now show you a group of papers, and as they are being marked, if you would take a look at them. Price Exhibit No. 6--I'll ask you if these are photostatic copies of reports which you have made available to me of originals which you have in your file made by various members of your staff. concerning the events of November 22, and November 24.
Mr. Price.
Do you want these individually or as a group?

Mr. SPECTER. If you would identify the contents of the statement by the exhibit number which we have put on it, starting with the first numerical designation, would probably be the simplest. Exhibit 6 is what?
Mr. Price.
Exhibit No. 6 is a Xerox copy of the floor plan of the emergency area. This is correct. The Exhibit No. 7, the statement is unsigned, but this is the Xerox copy of the summary submitted to me by my assistant, Mr. Steve Landregan.
Mr. Specter.
And what is his position with the hospital?
Mr. Price.
He is assistant administrator.
Mr. Specter.
In charge of press relations among other things?
Mr. Price.
In charge of press relations among other things.
Mr. Specter.
And what is Exhibit No. 8?
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