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(Testimony of Doris Mae Nelson)

Mr. Specter.
Did another stretcher come into the area?

Mrs. NELSON. Yes; immediately behind the Governor another stretcher was brought back into the emergency room and on this stretcher was President Kennedy.
Mr. Specter.
How were you able to identify President Kennedy?
Mrs. Nelson.
Well, I could look and see him and tell that it was him.
Mr. Specter.
What part did you see?
Mrs. Nelson.
The---mainly his head.
Mr. Specter.
Was there any coat covering his face?

Mrs. NELSON. There was a coat thrown across the top of him, not completely covering his face, and Mrs. Kennedy---do you want me to tell about Mrs. Kennedy and the flowers?
Mr. SPECTER. Yes; continue. Yes; in answering the questions, Mrs. Nelson, feel perfectly free to make as full an answer to the question--I hesitate to have you stop, so that the record we make will appear continuous and everything may be recorded fully for our record purposes.
Mrs. NELSON. Mrs. Kennedy was walking beside the stretcher and the roses that she had been given at the airport were lying on top of the President and her hat was also lying on top of the President as he was brought into the emergency room.
Mr. Specter.
Where was he then taken?
Mrs. Nelson.
He was immediately taken into trauma room 1.
Mr. SPECTER. And who, if anyone, was present at that time to attend him in a medical way?
Mrs. NELSON. Dr. Carrico, a surgical resident was there at the time that he was brought in, and Dr. Perry, an associate professor of surgery arrived shortly thereafter, and several doctors arrived, Dr. Baxter, associate professor of surgery, Dr. Kemp Clark, professor of neurosurgery and chairman of the department; Dr. Bashour--
Mr. Specter.
Spell, please.
Mrs. NELSON. B-a-s-h-o-u-r (spelling), chairman of the Department of Cardiology, and several other doctors who I cannot recall all the names at the present time.
Mr. SPECTER. Were you present inside of the emergency room where President Kennedy was taken?
Mrs. Nelson.
When what?
Mr. SPECTER. Were you in there at the time they were treating him, caring for him at any time?
Mrs. NELSON. On one occasion I went into the room and this was mainly to ask Mrs. Kennedy if she had rather wait out in the hallway rather than in the room where they were treating the President, and I was told by the Secret Service agent that she may stay in there if she wished.
Mr. SPECTER. Is there any table, or was there any table in the emergency room to which President Kennedy was taken that he could be placed on from the stretcher?
Mrs. Nelson.
Mr. SPECTER. Is it the normal situation to have no table present in the emergency room?
Mrs. NELSON. The only one there is in case an ambulance should bring a patient in, but if a patient comes in the emergency room on a stretcher, then the stretcher that is in there is removed. Then the patient remains on the same stretcher that he comes into the emergency room on.
Mr. SPECTER. And was there a stretcher in the emergency room at the time President Kennedy was taken in on a second stretcher?
Mrs. Nelson.
It was taken out when they wheeled it in.
Mr. SPECTER. Were there any sheets on the stretcher that President Kennedy was on?
Mrs. Nelson.
Mr. SPECTER. After President Kennedy was taken off of the stretcher, did you have occasion to observe that stretcher?
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