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(Testimony of Darrell C. Tomlinson)

Mr. Tomlinson.
best you can do today, and I appreciate that, and so does the President's Commission, and that's all we can ask a man.
Mr. TOMLINSON. Yes, I'm going to tell you all I can, and I'm not going to tell you something I can't lay down and sleep at night with either.
Mr. SPECTER. Do you know where the stretcher came from that you found on the elevator?
Mr. TOMLINSON. No, sir; I do not. It could have come from two, it could have come from three, it could have come from some other place.
Mr. Specter.
You didn't see anybody put it there?
Mr. Tomlinson.
No, sir--it was on the elevator when I got there. There wasn't anyone on the elevator at the time when I keyed it off.
Mr. Specter.
And when you say "keyed it off," you mean?
Mr. Tomlinson.
Put it in manual operation.
Mr. SPECTER. Mr. Tomlinson, does it make any difference to you whether you sign this deposition at the end or not?
Mr. Tomlinson.
Mr. Specter.
We very much appreciate your coming, Mr. Tomlinson. Thank you very much. Those are all the questions I have.
Mr. Tomlinson.
All right. Thank you.
Mr. Specter.
Off the record.

(Discussion between counsel and the witness Tomlinson regarding a proposed exhibit.)
Mr. Specter.
On the record.

Now that the deposition of Mr. Tomlinson has been concluded, I am having the paper marked as Tomlinson Exhibit No. 2.
(Instrument marked by the reporter as Tomlinson Exhibit No. 2, for identification.)
Mr. SPECTER. May the record show that Mr. Tomlinson is present, and will you identify this paper marked Tomlinson Exhibit No. 2 as the one which contains the diagram of the emergency room and the letters A and B of the stretchers we have been discussing?
Mr. Tomlinson.
That's just the elevator lobby in emergency.
Mr. Specter.
And this is the diagram which you drew for us?
Mr. Tomlinson.
Mr. Specter.
That's all, and thank you very much.

Diana Hamilton Bowron

Testimony of Diana Hamilton Bowron

The testimony of Diana Hamilton Bowron was taken at 2:05 p.m., on March 24, 1964, at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Arlen Specter, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. SPECTER. May the record show that Diana Bowron is present following a verbal request that she appear here to have her deposition taken. During the course of deposition proceedings on March 20 and March 21, it came to my attention that Miss Bowron would have information of value to the Commission, and authorization was provided through the General Counsel, J. Lee Rankin, for her deposition to be taken.
Miss Bowron, the President's Commission is investigating the assassination of President Kennedy and is interested in certain facts relating to his treatment and presence at Parkland Memorial Hospital, and we have asked you to appear here to testify concerning your knowledge of his presence here.
Now, I have shown you,. have I not, the Executive order appointing the Presidential Commission and the resolution authorizing the taking of testimony at depositions by Commission staff members, have I not?
Miss BOWRON. Yes.
Mr. SPECTER. And are you willing to have your deposition taken today without 3 days' written notice, as we ordinarily provide?
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