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(Testimony of Dr. Arthur J. Dziemian)

Mr. Specter.
And have you had access to the same general information described by Dr. Olivier on the wounds inflicted on Governor Connally?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. Yes, I have. I did not speak to the surgeons. I was not here at that time. My information on Dr. Connally's wounds----
Mr. Dulles.
Governor Connally.
Dr. DZIEMIAN. Governor Connally, are from the reports and from discussions with Dr. Light or Dr. Olivier.
Mr. Specter.
So that all of the information available to Dr. Light and Dr. Olivier obtained through consultations with Governor Connally's doctors, Dr. Shaw and Dr. Gregory, have been passed on to you? In addition, you have had access to the records of Parkland Hospital on Governor Connally's treatment there?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. That is right.
Mr. Specter.
And have you had an opportunity to observe certain films known as the Zapruder films showing the assassination?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. No; I did not see those.
Mr. Specter.
Have you had, then, brought to your attention the approximate. distances involved from the situation here, to wit; that the shots were fired from a 6th floor window at a distance of approximately 160 to 250 feet at a moving vehicle, striking the Governor and the President at angles estimated from 25 to 45 degrees, the angle of impact on President Kennedy being given by the autopsy surgeon as a 45-degree angle of declination, and the angle on Governor Connally being described as 25 to 27 degrees?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. Yes, I did----
Mr. Dulles.
You are speaking now of the first two wounds, aren't you?
Mr. Specter.
Mr. Dulles.
You are not speaking now of the brain wound at all, are you?
Mr. Specter.
Correct, Mr. Dulles. The wound that I am referring to on the President is the wound which entered the back of his neck and exited from the front part of his neck in accordance with the prior testimony of the doctors in the case.
Now, based on the tests which have been performed, and the other factors which I will ask you to assume, since you weren't present; for purposes of expressing an opinion, what is your opinion as to whether all of the wounds on Governor Connally were inflicted by one bullet?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. My opinion is that it is most probably so, that one bullet produced all the wounds on Governor Connally.
Mr. Specter.
And what is your opinion as to whether the wound through President Kennedy's neck and all of the wounds on Governor Connally were produced by one bullet?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. I think the probability is very good that it is, that all the wounds were caused by one bullet.
Mr. Specter.
When you say all the wounds, are you excluding from that the head wound on President Kennedy?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. I am excluding the head wound, yes.
Mr. Specter.
And what is the reasoning behind your conclusion that one bullet caused the neck wound on President Kennedy and all of the other wounds on Governor Connally?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. I am saying that the probability is high that that was so.
Mr. Specter.
What is the reason for your assessment of that high probability?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. The same reasons that Dr. Olivier gave, based on the same information, that especially the wound to the wrist. That higher velocity strike on the wrist would be caused by the bullet slowing down by going through all this tissue would cause more damage to the wrist and also more damage to the thigh.
Mr. Specter.
Had the bullet only gone through Governor Connally's chest then, what is your opinion as to whether or not there would have been greater damage to the Governor's wrist?
Dr. DZIEMIAN. I think there would have been greater damage to the Governor's wrist, and also to the thigh from the information, from the experiments obtained by Dr. Olivier's group.
Mr. Dulles.
Could I ask a question here? Does that take into account any
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