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(Testimony of James J. Rowley)

Mr. Rowley.
that is what is uppermost in your mind. We have to be most correct that, in any of the agencies, as you know.
Mr. Dulles.
How much larger staff do you think you are going to have to have to cover that situation in the future?
Mr. Rowley.
Well, I would not know until we see the volume of reports that we get that we have to refer to the field for investigation. Since we are Processing them now, we have to wait to make that determination.
Mr. Dulles.
Should you do field investigations as contrasted with the FBI--the FBI have a large number of people in a large number of cities throughout the United States. You do not have that?
Mr. Rowley.
No; but on the basis of the criteria we discussed earlier, the FBI would give us the information, and if in our evaluation we determined that it should be referred to the field for investigation, particularly in the case of individuals, we would conduct our investigation, to determine whether this individual is a high risk to the President.
Now, where it comes to the group, this is something for the FBI to do, because it ties in with their responsibility for internal security.
Now, if there is a close connection between the two, then we would have to have a formal agreement. But because of our responsibility, and the fact that this is part of the work that we have to undertake, then we would conduct our own investigation, because we know what we are looking for.
Mr. Dulles.
If the name of Lee Harvey Oswald had been submitted to you by the FBI, what would you, in the normal course, have done?
Would you have referred that back to them for investigation, or would you have carried on an independent investigation?
I am talking now if that name had been referred to you when you knew you were going to go to Dallas.
Mr. Rowley.
If we knew we were going to go to Dallas and we had this present criteria, then we would investigate him.
Mr. Dulles.
You would carry on the investigation?
Mr. Rowley.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Dulles.
Thank you.
Mr. Rankin.
Mr. Chief Justice, I am through with Chief Rowley now--except I would like to ask him to supply a copy of the information about their appropriation request, and insert it with Commission Exhibit No. 1028. [The information subsequently furnished by the Secret Service was inserted in the record as a part of Commission Exhibit No. 1028.]
We have Mr. Carswell here. As you recall, there was some difficulty at one meeting about the testimony about what the Secret Service was doing in regard to the Speaker. And while he is here, I would like to straighten that record out.
The Chairman.
Very well.
Mr. Rankin.
It will be very brief.
The Chairman.
Chief, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the members of your Secret Service for the cooperation you have given to this Commission. They have been very diligent, very helpful, as you personally have been. And we appreciate it.
Mr. Rowley.
Thank you, sir.

Robert Carswell

Testimony of Robert Carswell

The Chairman.
Mr. Carswell, you have been sworn, have you not?
Mr. Carswell.
Yes, sir.
The Chairman.
Very well. You may proceed.
Mr. Rankin.
Mr. Chief Justice, if the Commission will bear with me just a minute, I would like to tell about my own conversation with the Speaker about this matter prior to his answering in regard to correction of the record.
The Chairman.
Very well. You may proceed.
Mr. Rankin.
After the matter came up before the Commission, I was asked by one of the Commissioners to see the Speaker, Mr. McCormack, and I did that at his office. And he informed me that the Secret Service and also the FBI had undertaken to try to give him protection because of his position in the line
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