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(Testimony of Richard Edward Snyder)

Mr. Coleman.
that you were sending to the Passport Office in Washington the application for renewal, isn't that correct?
Mr. Snyder.
Yes; that is right.
Representative Ford.
May I ask Mr. Snyder--on Commission Exhibit No. 938, where Oswald said, "I have been naturalized as a citizen 0£ a foreign state," and so forth--if that was the only statement that was made, what effect would that have had on his application either for a renewal or a new Passport?
Mr. Snyder.
Well, it would have the effect of flagging the consular officer to ask some questions, Mr. Ford.
Representative Ford.
Would it have automatically disqualified him for renewal or the issuance of a new passport?
Mr. Snyder.
No, sir.
Representative Ford.
Not under the law or the regulations?
Mr. Snyder.
Not to the best of my knowledge. In other words, what he says, to my knowledge, is immaterial to a finding of his loss of nationality. It is the act which counts.
Mr. Coleman.
I don't think that is quite the Congressman's question. His question is if he had actually naturalized himself, could he be entitled to get an American passport?
Mr. Snyder.
Oh, no; of course, if he had committed the act of accepting naturalization in a foreign state, he could not have. He would have lost his American citizenship.
Representative Ford.
But limiting your knowledge to what he said in this paragraph, this in and of itself would have precluded either the issuance of a new passport or renewal?
Mr. Snyder.
No; I don't think we can say that, Mr. Ford, because no matter what he says in there, this does not affect his right---does not affect his American citizenship. It is the determination of facts which determines it. And the only thing this does, really--well, the first thing it does is to alert the consular officer to start asking him some questions.
The Chairman.
Gentlemen, I have a call from the Court. I must go over there now. We have the Court conference at 2 o'clock. Will someone be here to preside at 2 o'clock?
Representative Ford.
Mr. Chairman, I have to leave, too. We have a quorum call over on the floor of the House. I can be back at 2. But I do have to leave at the present time.
The Chairman.
Would you be back at 2 to preside until I return from the Court?
Representative Ford.
I would be very glad to Mr. Chairman.
Senator COOPER. Mr. Chairman. I will be able. to be here part of the time this afternoon. But we are voting this afternoon. I don't know exactly what time.
Mr. Dulles.
I will be here at 2:30, Mr. Chairman.
The Chairman.
All right, fine.
Representative Ford.
May I ask how much longer you intend to go on?
Mr. Coleman.
I think I can finish in about 4 minutes with Mr. Snyder.
Representative Ford.
Off the record.
(Discussion off the record.)
Representative Ford.
Back on the record. We will recess now until 2 o'clock.
(Whereupon, at 12:25 p.m., the President's Commission recessed.)
Representative Ford.
Afternoon Session

Testimony of Richard Edward Snyder Resumed

Representative Ford.
The President's Commission reconvened at 2 p.m.
Representative Ford.
The Commission will come to order. Will you proceed.
Mr. Coleman.
Mr. Snyder, we have marked as Commission Exhibit No. 947,
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