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(Testimony of Patrick T. Dean)

Mr. Dean.
Well, my main concern has been in some way this got out to the papers. The only thing I told the papers was that I can't give any statement. I said I have no comment, and I feel that the accusation started with my denial because I haven't had an opportunity to deny it. The story came out in the papers and it has been on the radio several times, and, in fact, several times since the original, some weeks or so after the paper learned of it of the so-called rift, as they put it.
They had the one side of it that he accused me of lying. He didn't use the word "lie," he just said, "These are false statements, and when you testified in court you testified falsely." He didn't use the word "lying," and a lot of papers have since then used the word "lying."
I feel like the accusation is a lot stronger than my denial because I haven't denied it. I haven't made any statement at all to press or radio or any news media. I just told them it will have to come from the Warren Commission or some other source.
Mr. Rankin.
What I was asking, Sergeant, was whether there is anything that you would like to tell the Commission or add to your testimony about why it wasn't in the earlier statement prior to February 18 that you haven't already told us.
Mr. Dean.
Well, I don't think I would like if I could, I would like to know why Mr. Griffin had accused me of perjury. Of course, this is something for you people to know, but I just--he wouldn't discuss it with me.
The Chairman.
Well, Sergeant, I want to say to you that, of course, without knowing what your conversation was with Mr. Griffin, I have never talked to Mr. Griffin about this. I didn't know that you had this altercation with him, but I want to say this: That so far as the jurisdiction of this Commission is concerned and its procedures, no member of our staff has a right to tell any witness that he is lying or that he is testifying falsely. That is not his business. It is the business of this Commission to appraise the testimony of all the witnesses, and, at the time you are talking about, and up to the present time, this Commission has never appraised your testimony or fully appraised the testimony of any other witness, and furthermore, I want to say to you that no member of our staff has any power to help or injure any witness.
So, so far as that conversation is concerned, there is nothing that will be binding upon this Commission.
Mr. Dean.
Yes, sir.
The Chairman.
But, as I say, I don't know what your conversation was with Griffin, but I am just telling you as to what the limitations of the members of our staff are.
Mr. Dean.
Yes, sir; thank you. That is about all I had.
Mr. Rankin.
That is all I have, Mr. Chief Justice.
The Chairman.
Well, thank you, Sergeant, for coming and feeling as you do, I am glad you had the frankness to come and talk to the Commission, and offer to testify concerning it.
Mr. Dean.
Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity.
The Chairman.
All right, Sergeant.
Mr. Dean.
Thank you. It is nice to have met you.
Mr. Rankin.
Waggoner, do you want to take the stand for a minute about that conversation?

Testimony of Waggoner Carr

The Chairman.
You are going to ask the General about it? Have you been sworn?
Waggoner Carr
The Chairman.
Do you solemnly swear the testimony you are about to give before the Commission shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. Carr.
I do.
The Chairman.
Be seated, please. Proceed, Mr. Rankin.
Mr. Rankin.
Mr. Carr, will you state your name and position for the record?
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