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(Testimony of Robert Inman Bouck)

Mr. Bouck.
This is as of the time of Dallas.
Mr. Stern.
These special agents are agents who would otherwise be involved in protective work or in the other activities of the Secret Service, counterfeiting and the like?
Mr. Bouck.
Mr. Stern.
Is there something about their general training that makes them particularly desirable in this work or is it the absence of other people that leads to the use of special agents in this work?
Mr. Bouck.
They have been selected because of an apparent aptitude for this work. Some of them, not all, but most of them have had many years of background in this work that increases their competence.
Mr. Stern.
Are these men permanently assigned to this function or do they rotate?
Mr. Bouck.
They are susceptible to other assignment, but this assignment is something that may continue until the Chief should decide it was in the interest of the Service to change. It can and has gone many years for most of us. They do not automatically rotate.
Mr. Stern.
I see.
As of the time of Dallas the total number of people in the Protective Research Section was 15 of which 3 were clerks, is that correct?
Mr. Bouck.
That is correct.
Mr. Dulles.
Could I ask one question that goes back to our earlier discussion? At the present time the Speaker is next in line in case anything should happen to the President.
Do you extend any special protective facilities as far as he is concerned?
Mr. Bouck.
This, we are kind of in an advance area here. I do handle mail that may come in the Protective Research area but I don't think I am quite qualified to speak on the entire Secret Service relationship to the Speaker, if I might seem not--
Mr. Dulles.
What I was getting at was whether there were any special protection afforded now in view of his, in a sense new position as being next in line.
Mr. Mccloy.
He is in effect the Vice President.
Mr. Dulles.
He is in effect the Vice President.
Mr. Bouck.
Yes, I realize that, and I believe this gets into some areas that involve the wishes of the Speaker, that make this question a little bit difficult to answer, and I would say we do do what comes to our attention that we can, but I think the Chief is probably in a better position to indicate what degree we have gone. I am not really overly familiar with the exact extent of that degree except as it may apply here but we do handle in the crank area, and in the Protective Research subject area, we do handle that material as we would handle it for the President or Vice President when we are able to get it.
Mr. Mccloy.
Off the record.
(Discussion off the record.)

Robert Carswell

Testimony of Robert Carswell

Mr. Mccloy.
Why don't I swear you, Mr. Carswell?
Raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear the testimony you will give in this hearing will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. Carswell.
I do.
Mr. Mccloy.
You give your name for the record.
Mr. Carswell.
Robert Carswell. Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury. My address is 3022 Q Street NW., Washington.
Mr. Mccloy.
I think it might be well, Mr. Carswell, if you simply indicated some of it, in response to the last question, namely, as to whether or not there was security provided for the Speaker, who is next in line for the Presidency, and perhaps in view of your duties as Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury you might have some information upon that which would be helpful to us.
Mr. Carswell.
Yes. After the assassination in Dallas, the Secret Service initiated protection of the Speaker.
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