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Hearings Before the President's Commission

on the

Assassination of President Kennedy


Thursday, March 19, 1964-Afternoon Session

Testimony of Ruth Hyde Paine Resumed

The President's Commission reconvened at 2:05 p.m.
Mr. Jenner.
May we proceed, Mr. Chairman?
Mr. Mccloy.
Yes; we are all ready whenever you are. You are still under affirmation.
Mr. Jenner.
Mrs. Paine, may I hand you the document again?
Mrs. Paine.
Mr. Jenner.
It has been marked Commission Exhibit 426. You were making a comparison with the block printing on that document with like block printing that you testified yesterday had been written in your address book. I have forgotten the exhibit number, but in your address book which you have before you----
Mrs. Paine.
Mr. Jenner.
And the printing in your address book to which you were addressing yourself was what?
Mrs. Paine.
His printing of the place where he worked in April of 1963.
Mr. Jenner.
And that is Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall?
Mrs. Paine.
Mr. Jenner.
You were comparing that printing which you saw him put in your address book with what?
Mrs. Paine.
The printing on this application for Texas driver's license.
Mr. Jenner.
And any particular printing on that application?
Mrs. Paine.
Was put in in pen. I do observe that the printing here uses a mixture of upper case and lower case letters, as does the printing in my phone book, most of it being block upper case.
Mr. Jenner.
The form and shape of the printing in both of the documents is--
Mrs. Paine.
Is similar.
Mr. Jenner.
Similar. All right, thank you. Mr. Chairman, because of the point raised by Representative Ford with particular reference to the word "photographer" which, by the way, is misspelled, it is spelled "f-o-t-o-g-r-a-p-e-r," and things of that sort do occur as you have already noted in many of his writings, very bad misspellings.
Mr. Mccloy.
Yes, his grammar seems to be better than this spelling.
Mr. Jenner.
Yes. This form is an official form printed of the Texas State License Bureau entitled "Application for Texas driver's license," on the line provided for "name" there appears over "first name", "Lee"; over "middle name", "Harvey"; and "last name", "Oswald."

The second set of spaces, provisions for address, birth, and occupation. He gives as his address, 2545 West Fifth Street, Irving, Tex. Was that the address of their home when you first became acquainted with them?
Mrs. Paine.
Mr. Jenner.
Is the address 2545 Irving Street familiar to you?
Mrs. Paine.
I think it is 2515.
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