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(Testimony of )

The Chairman.
President Kennedy, and Officer Tippit, and he told us in private here he didn't want to mention it before the press--Jack Ruby. And he tells us that he will try to find out from his informant more about that, and if he possibly can deliver the information to us.
Senator COOPER. May I ask one question?
I assume from what you have said you wouldn't be able to answer it, but was there any reason ascribed for the presence of Tippit?
Mr. Lane.
My informant does not know the reason.
Senator COOPER. Or Ruby, with Weissman?
Mr. Lane.
My informant does not know that information.
Representative Ford.
May I ask a question, Mr. Chief Justice? When did this information come to your attention, Mr. Lane?
Mr. Lane.
Some weeks ago.
Representative Ford.
Do you consider the informant a reliable, responsible person?
Mr. Lane.
Yes. I cannot vouch, of course, for the information personally, but I believe the informant is a reliable and a responsible person.
Representative Ford.
Would your informant be willing, as far as you know--be willing to testify and give the Commission this information directly?
Mr. Lane.
I am going to try to arrange that this evening. The Chief Justice has indicated that his name would not be known if he did that, and that I did not know that I could make-that statement to him before now. I hope that will be decisive.
The Chairman.
Is there anything further, gentlemen?
If not--
Representative Ford.
May I ask, Mr. Chairman, are we going to have a schedule laid out, are we going to have a meeting of the Commission where maybe we will know what the schedule is in the next week or 10 days or 2 weeks?
Mr. Rankin.
We have a draft now.
The Chairman.
We have a draft for you to see.
Mr. Lane.
Perhaps I should withdraw at this time.
The Chairman.
All right. Mr. Lane, thank you very much, sir.
(Whereupon, at 5:45 p.m., the President's Commission recessed.)
The Chairman.
Monday, March 9, 1964

Testimony of Roy H. Kellerman, William Robert , Greer

Testimony of Roy H. , Special Agent, Kellerman

The Chairman.
The President's Commission met at 9:10 a.m. on March 9, 1964, at 200 Maryland Avenue NE., Washington, D.C.
Present were Chief Justice Earl Warren, Chairman; Senator John Sherman Cooper, Representative Hale Boggs, and Representative Gerald R. Ford, members.
Also present were Norman Redlich. assistant counsel; Arlen Specter, assistant counsel; Walter Craig and Charles Murray, observers; and Fred Smith, Treasury Department.
Roy H. Kellerman, Special Agent, Secret Service
The Chairman.
Gentlemen, the Commission will be in order. Will you be seated, please?
Would you state the names of the witnesses who are to be heard today, Mr. Specter?
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