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(Testimony of Arnold Louis Rowland)

Mr. Specter.
Exhibits Nos. 356, 357, and 358. That completes our questioning, Your Honor.
(The documents referred to were marked Commission's Exhibits Nos. 356, 357, and 358 for identification and admitted into evidence.)
The Chairman.
Senator Cooper, have you any questions?
Senator COOPER. You said earlier that you had been much interested in and pursued studies in sounds, I believe?
Mr. Rowland.
I have studied quite a bit of electronics, sound. Math and science is what I like.
Senator COOPER. You said you had read books on this subject. Did you ever conduct any experiments yourself?
Mr. Rowland.
Yes; in the form of--there is a theory that sound is a basis of a transmitter and a receiver, that you have to have a receiver to have sound. There is a theory that if a tree falls down in the middle of a forest and there is nobody around where they can hear it, there is no sound.
Well, I have conducted experiments on this, and I--it is very interesting, very fascinating, but you can't prove it or you can't disprove it because if you have got a microphone there you have got a receiver.
Senator COOPER. Did you ever conduct any experiments with rifles, firing a rifle in relation to sound?
Mr. Rowland.
Yes; in a firing range.
Senator COOPER. Beg pardon?
Mr. Rowland.
Firing range.
Senator COOPER. Yes.
Mr. Rowland.
I did conduct a few experiments. One of them was firing a bullet over water; you know, we were using a set of wood blocks to fire into, so we had a big vat of water that we were firing over, and we had several different articles and composition floating on the water, trying to measure the effect of the sound wave upon that. Such as this we did conduct.
Senator COOPER. I think you did say that when you heard the first report that you considered it to be a rifle shot?
Mr. Rowland.
I did, but almost immediately everyone started laughing so I did not give it any further consideration until the second shot, second report.
Senator COOPER. At the time you saw a man standing near a window in the Texas School Book Depository with a rifle, can you state whether there were any, did you know whether or not any police officers were near you?
Mr. Rowland.
There was an officer about 20 feet to my left.
Senator COOPER. Did you see any others?
Mr. Rowland.
There were officers all over, that was the closest one. There were four or five on the block across the street from me, two of them being with the boy who had the epileptic fit.
There was also an officer in front of the doors to that building. There were several on the corners. I would say there were 20 uniformed officers right there in that 1 1/2-block area.
Senator COOPER. Could any of the officers that you saw whose position you noted, have seen this window from the place where they were standing?
Mr. Rowland.
They could have; yes, sir.
Senator COOPER. You don't remember whether any of them were looking up there?
Mr. Rowland.
No; I don't remember whether they were. No; I don't.
Senator COOPER. Did it occur to you that you should speak to the officer about seeing a man in the window?
Mr. Rowland.
It has. Do you ever have reoccurring dreams, sir?
Senator COOPER. What?
Mr. Rowland.
Do you ever have reoccurring dreams?
Senator COOPER. Yes.
Mr. Rowland.
This is a reoccurring dream of mine, sir, all the time, what if I had told someone about it. I knew about it enough in advance and perhaps it could have been prevented. I mean this is something which shakes me up at times.
Senator COOPER. I don't want to disturb you about that but my point was at the
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