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(Testimony of William Robert , Special Agent, Greer)

Mr. Greer.
I done that until I came to this country in February 1930. I worked for a period of time--I lived in Boston for a little while. I worked one summer on the estate of Henry Cabot Lodge. I was a chauffeur for a family in Brookline, Mass., for about a year. And then I went to New York, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. I lived there for 13 years as a chauffeur for a private family in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. Then I went in the Navy in November 1942. I got discharged on September 18, 1945.
Mr. Specter.
What were your principal duties while in the Navy?
Mr. Greer.
I was seaman first class. I did almost 2 years at Bainbridge, Md., with the seaman guard there. And then I was assigned to the presidential yacht in May 1944, until I was discharged in September. But most of my duty was at the White House in that period, that year.
Mr. Specter.
And how long after discharge from the Navy was it before you joined the U.S. Secret Service?
Mr. Greer.
Well, I got out of the Navy September 18 and October 1 I went with the Secret Service--a matter of 14 or 15 days.
Mr. Specter.
Describe your duties since joining the Secret Service, please.
Mr. Greer.
Since joining the Secret Service I was assigned to the uniform force at first with the Secret Service at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. For about 2 years I was with the physical education part of it. We had a gymnasium there. I was an instructor there part-time part of the time. And then I was assigned for about 2 years to pick up the food of the President at the White House. I had that duty for about 2 years. And then I went back to the Treasury for a short period, a few months. And then I was reassigned to the White House as an agent in November--1950 I went there. I was made a full agent that following August 1951. I was there as a special officer from November to August 1951.
Mr. Specter.
And have you been assigned to the White House staff since that time?
Mr. Greer.
Yes, sir; I have been there ever since.
Mr. Specter.
And while assigned at the White House staff, how much of your duty has involved driving the President's car?
Mr. Greer.
Well, I drove the followup car for quite a long time you know, off and on. And then I drove the President at intervals during President Truman's and President Eisenhower's terms. I was also assigned a great many times to Mrs. Eisenhower. When she left Washington, I was always assigned to her, to travel with her. And I have been assigned to the President, to drive the President, since election day, with President Kennedy. I was the senior agent assigned to him, to drive him.
Mr. Specter.
How did you get to Dallas yourself back on November 22, 1963?
Mr. Greer.
I flew--I was on a plane with the President all during the trip. And I flew from Fort Worth to Dallas that morning.
Mr. Specter.
Mr. Greer, I hand you documents which have been marked Commission Exhibits 344, 345, and 346. I ask you if you can identify those, starting with 344, what that depicts.
Mr. Greer.
Yes, sir; I can identify this automobile very well. That is the 1961 Lincoln, especially built for the President. And this is a rear view of that same automobile. This is the interior of that Lincoln Continental. Yes, sir, everything is very positive that I can identify.
Mr. Specter.
How did that automobile--how was that automobile transported to Texas?
Mr. Greer.
It was flown there in a C-130.
Mr. Specter.
And do you know where it was flown to?
Mr. Greer.
Well, it was flown--let's see, I forget the day before where our first stop was on that trip right now. I would have to go back into my papers. But we used I believe more than one stop. I am trying to think where we used it before we went to Dallas. It could have been at Houston. I am not too sure whether we used it at Houston the day before or not. I would have to go back in my records.
Mr. Specter.
Is it possible the first time you used the automobile on that Texas trip was at Dallas?
Mr. Greer.
Right now it is so long ago, I have almost forgotten whether we
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