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(Testimony of Roy H. , Special Agent, Kellerman)

Mr. Kellerman.
you were conscious of these shots being fired, do you have any judgment as to from what direction they came?
Mr. Kellerman.
None whatsoever. Except I should say again that when this first one went off, which I indicated here that it sounded like a firecracker to my right and, say, rear, I looked to my right to see what it was.
Senator COOPER. Then it would be correct to say it was your judgment at the time, at the time of the report--
Mr. Kellerman.
It was my judgment, sir.
Senator COOPER. That it was to the right and to the rear?
Mr. Kellerman.
That would be correct. It was my judgment, sir.
Senator COOPER. Did you observe any persons standing to the right of the car?
Mr. Kellerman.
Maybe a handful.
Senator COOPER. Did you see anything to indicate that any shot had been fired by those persons?
Mr. Kellerman.
No, sir; not at the time.
Senator COOPER. When you heard the report and turned, could you see this building known as the Texas Book Depository?
Mr. Kellerman.
Not by name. You could see the building because we passed right in front of it, sir.
Senator COOPER. You didn't know it as the Texas Depository Building?
Mr. Kellerman.
Not then, no, sir.
Senator COOPER. Have you any idea how--what distance the President's car traveled from the time you heard the first report until the time you have described as hearing the flurry of shots?
Mr. Kellerman.
No; I really don't know the distance. It wasn't too far.
Senator COOPER. What?
Mr. Kellerman.
It wasn't too far.
Mr. Specter.
For the record, I have some more questions when we reconvene.
Senator COOPER. We will recess then until 2 o'clock.
(Whereupon, at 12:3.5 p.m., the President's Commission recessed.)
Mr. Specter.
Afternoon Session

Testimony of Roy H. , Special Agent, Secret Kellerman

Mr. Specter.
The President's Commission reconvened at 2 p.m.
Representative Ford.
The Commission will come to order.
Will you proceed, Mr. Specter?
Mr. Specter.
Yes, thank you. Mr. Kellerman, immediately before the luncheon recess, Senator Cooper had asked some questions relating to the presence of anyone on the triple overpass which was in front of the President's car. Did you have any occasion, immediately before or immediately after the shooting, to look for anyone on the triple overpass or in that vicinity?
Mr. Kellerman.
No; I really didn't.
Mr. Specter.
Are you in a position to state, then, whether there was or was not someone on the triple overpass?
Mr. Kellerman.
No; I am in no position to state that.
Mr. Specter.
At the time of the shooting, did you observe any bullets richochet off of the windshield or off of any other part of the automobile?
Mr. Kellerman.
No. If any of the bullets richocheted off the windshield or front part of the car, this would have been matter that was blown over mine and the driver's head from, I would say, the explosion of President Kennedy's head.
Mr. Specter.
But aside from the portions of President Kennedy's head which you have already testified about, you observed nothing detectable as being bullet fragments or bullets?
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