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(Testimony of Roy E. Standifer)

Mr. Hubert.
Did you have occasion to go to the assembly room when Oswald was brought in front of the press?
Mr. Standifer.
No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
All right, sir, do you have anything else you wish to say?
Mr. Standifer.
One thing I might add that wasn't in that interview by Mr. Scott. Maybe it was 5:30 or 6 o'clock, Charlie Brown, the FBI agent, brought Mama Oswald and a young fellow who was identified to me as Oswald's brother, into our office and asked if they could be put into an interrogation room where it was private, and I told him "Yes," and we showed him the room that he could put them in.
And he asked me if I would get them some coffee. The coffee canteen is just down the hall a little ,bit from Captain Fritz' office. I went to the canteen and brought him and her both back a cup of coffee.
The young fellow said, "You are most kind." And that is the only conversation we had.
Mr. Hubert.
They made no further comments to you at all except to thank

you, as it were, for bringing the coffee?
Mr. Standifer.
That is true.
Mr. Hubert.
All right, sir. Now I don't think there has been any conversation between us this morning or at anytime for that matter, which has not been

made a part of this deposition by the reporter; is that correct?
Mr. Standifer.
That is true.
Mr. Hubert.
All right, thank you very much.
Mr. Standifer.
That is all right. I am happy to help. If I can help you further, call me.

Mr. HUBERT. Let me ask just one more question. I think, Mr. Standifer, you said that you are most certain about the time that you saw Ruby, because you related it to the time of having your supper, which you said you had in your office and that it is your custom to do so?
Mr. Standifer.
Mr. Hubert.
I think you also used a phrase that that custom is so well established that people could set their clocks by it; is that correct?
Mr. Standifer.
That is true.
Mr. Hubert.
That has been your habit for quite a number of years?
Mr..STANDIFER. That is true.
Mr. Hubert.
And has always been at 6:30?
Mr. Standifer.
Mr. Hubert.
And you saw Ruby about a half hour after beginning to eat your supper ?
Mr. Standifer.
Approximately; yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
All right, sir.

Roger C. Warner

Affidavit of Roger C. Warner

The following affidavit was executed by Roger C. Warner on August 4, 1964.

County of Dallas, ss:

My name is Roger C. Warner. I am empoyed as a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service at Dallas Texas. I was employed in this position on Nov. 24, 1963. The following is a statement regarding my interview of Karen Lynn Bennett Carlin, aka Little Lynn, on November 24, 1963, and is true and correct to the best of my knowledge:
On November 24, 1963 at the request of Inspector Thomas Kelley, U.S. Secret Service, I met with Karen Lynn Bennett Carlin at 3809 Middlebrook Drive, Ft. Worth, Texas. The time was about 11:00 PM. Also present at the interview was

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