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(Testimony of William S. Biggio)

Mr. Biggio.
There was a friend of mine she is a woman who I know through my wife. She formerly was employed at the same location that my wife is, and she called me at work following Ruby's killing of Oswald. She said that a friend of hers had been into a restaurant in the downtown area and a mechanic had come in and had made mention of the fact that Oswald drove Ruby's ear for approximately a 2-week period that he knew of, that Oswald had brought the ear there for repairs to his garage.
The friend did not know where the garage was, did not know the mechanic's name. The woman who called me didn't want to give her friend's name and get his name involved if she could possibly help it.
Mr. Jenner.
Who was it that called you?
Mr. Biggio.
Is it necessary for me to give that name? I believe with the information that was given me, it will not be necessary.
Mr. Jenner.
Has the information been furnished the FBI?
Mr. Biggio.
No; it has not. I believe with the information we get to further on it will show that her name isn't needed.
Mr. Jenner.
All right.
Mr. Biggio.
I don't object to giving her name except that she asked me not to give it.
Mr. Jenner.
All right; she didn't want any publicity, is that it?
Mr. Biggio.
No; she doesn't want any publicity on it. I don't know why people are so scared of things like this, but if they get into court or before a panel or anything like that--at any rate, her friend doesn't want his name used either, but I talked to my lieutenant about it, Lieutenant Revill, and he suggested that we go ahead and write it up on the grounds that by searching through the material in Ruby's apartment and also through the material that had been taken from his automobile, we could possibly find a garage where a mechanic had done some work on his car. We would be able to contact the mechanic in that way without involving the two people who had called the information in.
When we did get photostatic copies of the material that had been taken out of Ruby's car and his apartment, we found no evidence of any garage work that had been done or any actual mechanical work that had been done on his car recently. So, I called my friend .back and asked her again if she could contact the man who had given her the information and see if he would be willing to talk to us about it. She called him back and then she called me and she said she had made an error in saying it was in the downtown area, that the place was out on Lovers Lane, directly across from--I have the address in here--
Mr. Jenner.
Is it 5060 W. Lovers Lane?
Mr. Biggio.
Well; she didn't have the address itself--it was directly across from the Jungle Hut which is in the 5000 block of Lovers Lane.
Mr. Jenner.
Lovers Lane is a street name?
Mr. Biggio.
Yes; Lovers Lane is a street. We sent an officer out there, Detective Hellinghousen, F. A.
Mr. Jenner.
Francis A. Hellinghousen [spelling] H-e-l-l-i-n-g-h-o-u-s-e-n?
Mr. Biggio.
That is correct; yes, sir.
Mr. Jenner.
Of the Dallas City Police?
Mr. Biggio.
Yes, sir. He went to that particular area--there are two cafes across the street there in the 5000 block from the particular location that the lady friend of mine said. One of them was the Cafe Coffee Shop. was the name of it---the Cafe Coffee Shop. It was closed up at that time. Now, this took place approximately 3 weeks after the shooting. It was closed--ordinarily through our bureau we can find out who the owner was of such a place, because we keep the records of everyone through the beer licenses which we have to keep in our particular bureau, but this particular place did not have a beer license. It did not deal in beer.
It had been closed--we couldn't find out who the owner was, so I sent Officer Hellinghousen and requested him to go by and talk to the woman who had originally given me that information and see if she would be willing to give him the same thing--the man's name. Officer Hellinghousen went by and talked to her and she gave him the man's name and at that particular time the man
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