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(Testimony of Hyman Rubenstein)

Mr. Griffin.
Parfet in connection with an interview he had with you on November 27, 1963, in Chicago.
Take the time to read that, and tell us whether there are any corrections that you would make in that.
Mr. Rubenstein.
This is the part I forgot to tell you about, when Jack called and told me about the newspaper, I forgot, I couldn't exactly remember. That is exactly what he said.
Mr. Griffin.
What was that?
Mr. Rubenstein.
When he called about the newspaper with the ad with the black border about it.
Mr. Griffin.
He called you?
Mr. Rubenstein.
I believe he did.
Mr. Griffin.
You said before that he called Eva and that you learned about this from Eva.
Mr. Rubenstein.
It could have been. But according to this, according to this, "The exact time of the shooting of the President of the United States his brother Jack had been in the office of a newspaper."
It could have been that Eva told me this. You are right. That is right. Because he came over and had breakfast with Eva and he had tried to explain to her about the ad, whether she had noticed it, Eva said, "What do I notice about an ad?"
He said, "With the black border around it, and the, what was that word I used before, the twenty, what is that word where you have--
Mr. Griffin.
Mr. Rubenstein.
Grievances. The grievances. It was Eva. Should I sign this?
Mr. Griffin.
If you would.
(Hyman Rubenstein Exhibit No. 4 was marked for identification.)
Mr. Rubenstein.
You are bringing back a lot of--what a deal.
Mr. Griffin.
If you remember anything in the course of reading that we haven't covered, why let's have it. Now is the time.
Mr. Rubenstein.
Well, I don't know. It is hard, gentlemen it isn't easy. It wasn't a pleasant experience. It was a sad experience, and your mind wants to block out those things that you don't want to remember. So, it is hard to remember every incident or every detail.
Mr. Griffin.
If things come to your mind.
Mr. Rubenstein.
I know.
Mr. Griffin.
Because the reason we have asked you to come here is so that we can get--
Mr. Rubenstein.
I know. Look, we had nothing to hide. Any member of the family will cooperate 100 percent. Any of our friends and lawyers will cooperate 100 percent or we want to know why. We don't believe in shooting Presidents. Let's put it that way. We love this country, and we make our living here, we all served in the army here. We were brought up in this country, and it is our duty to cooperate with a law enforcement agency or any agency that wants to investigate a thing of this type.
It is unfortunate that our brother Jack had to be involved but many of our friends feel that he is a hero because they felt they would have done the same thing under similar circumstances.
How can a man premeditate, his dog Sheba was in the car, $2,000 in cash. all that photographic equipment in the back trunk with the adding machine and the tire, the dog is waiting for him. and Jack happened to carry the gun because that was the night's receipts in the ear and he happened to have it with him and if that girl in Fort Worth hadn't called him that morning at 10 o'clock, Jack would still have been sleeping and forgotten all about it.
So, the man must have blacked out, nothing else could convince me, and nothing else convinces any of my friends that I talked to. People who don't even know him they said that is what must have happened. He blacked out. I understand that Jack cried like a baby when the President was shot. He cried more than when his own father died. His own father was 88 years old when he passed away in the year of 1958, I believe.
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