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(Testimony of Nancy Monnell Powell)

Mr. Griffin.
you at the outset that the Commission was established as a result of an Executive order of President Johnson and a joint resolution of Congress. Under those two official acts the Commission has been directed to investigate into the assassination of President Kennedy and the death of Lee Harvey Oswald, and then to report back to President Johnson all the facts that we are able to determine.
We have asked you to come here today in particular because you had worked for Jack. Ruby for a period of time. Maybe it will give us some insight into what kind of a person he was and his activities. Under the rules and regulations that have been established by the Commission, I have been specifically designated to take your testimony. I might tell you that there is a provision in the rules that a witness is entitled to have 3 days' notice in writing before being asked to testify, so I will ask you first of all, have you received a letter from us?
Mrs. Powell.
Mr. GRIFFIN. When did you receive it?
Mrs. POWELL. Sunday.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Last Sunday, so there is no problem on the notice there?
Mrs. POWELL. No.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you have any questions that you would like to ask me?
Mrs. POWELL. No, sir; not really.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Before I administer the oath to you?
Mrs. POWELL. No; I have been questioned by the FBI three times already.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Only three times?
Mrs. POWELL. That is enough. They were following me around everywhere I went.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Well, if there are any questions that should arise as we proceed with the testimony, you feel free to ask them.
Mrs. POWELL. I will; don't worry.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Will you raise your right hand and let me administer the oath?
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you are about to give, will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mrs. POWELL. I do.
Mr. GRIFFIN. What is your full name?
Mrs. POWELL. Nancy Monnell Powell.
Mr. GRIFFIN. How do you spell that?
Mrs. POWELL. M-o-n-n-e-l-1 Powell.
Mr. GRIFFIN. You have a professional or stage name that you use?
Mrs. POWELL. Tammi True.
Mr. GRIFFIN. How do you spell that?
Mrs. POWELL. T-a-m-m-i T-r-u-e [spelling].
Mr. GRIFFIN. Where do you live, now, Mrs. Powell?
Mrs. POWELL. I live in Fort Worth.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Is it Miss or Mrs.?
Mrs. POWELL. Mrs.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Where in Fort Worth?
Mrs. POWELL. 1217 Clarence.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Are you living alone, or with your husband?
Mrs.POWELL. No; I am divorced. My grandmother is living with me, and I have two children living with me.
Mr. GRIFFIN. When were you born?
Mrs. POWELL. June the 9th, 1938.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Are you employed presently?
Mrs. POWELL. Yes; I am.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Where are you employed?
Mrs. POWELL. The Islands Club in Oklahoma City.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Is that the I-s-l-a-n-d-s [spelling]?
Mrs. POWELL. Yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. How long have you been employed there?
Mrs. POWELL. Since Wednesday.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Where were you working before that?
Mrs. POWELL. I wasn't. I have been off for 6 weeks.
Mr. GRIFFIN. How about before that?
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