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(Testimony of M. W. Stevenson)

Mr. Hubert.
Now was there any change in that?
ChieF STEVENSON. Officially, Mr. Hubert, to my knowledge, there was not. Now there may have been some changes made on the scene when the decision was made to use a car instead of the truck. Since the truck was parked up on the ramp and would not come down and clear, there was possibly some changes made on the spot when we found the truck wouldn't come down the ramp and a car would be used for the transfer, to put them as far back north of where the car would be as possible.
Mr. Hubert.
You mean to put the press, to allow them to be there?
Chief STEVENSON. Yes; in other words, behind the car, if possible, and up the Main Street ramp on the Main Street side. I believe there was some up there; yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Now you don't know who made that on-the-spot decision, as you recall it?
Chief STEVENSON. I believe possibly Captain Jones, and he talked with, I believe it was, Chief Batchelor. I am not sure as to what the last minute changes were to get them away from the immediate area there.
Mr. Hubert.
In other words, all the press people prior to the change were on the east side of the railing and on the ramp down from the east-west ramp leading into the garage parking area proper?
Chief STEVENSON. Yes, sir; they were all east of it, both the north and the south ramp.
Mr. Hubert.
Because of the change of plans which required the bringing up of automobiles to get into the ramp leading up Commerce Street, it is your thought it was necessary to alter that, and that someone did alter them to allow some of the press to be on the ramp leading toward Main Street?
Chief STEVENSON. Yes, sir; I believe that is right.
Mr. Hubert.
In fact, how many were there, do you recall?
Chief STEVENSON. No; I don't. I would say there were possibly, when I went down the last time immediately before the transfer, I would. say there was possibly 20 to 30 back up the ramp.
Mr. Hubert.
Were any police officers in front of them?
Chief STEVENSON. Oh, yes.
Mr. Hubert.
Now were you present during the conversation between Chief Curry and Sheriff Decker regarding the matter of who would transfer the prisoner?
Chief STEVENSON. No, sir; I don't believe I was in the chief's office at the time he called Sheriff Decker, Mr. Hubert.
Mr. Hubert.
About when did you learn that the police department would actually accomplish the transfer itself?
Chief STEVENSON. It was shortly after he had talked to him. When he advised Chief Batchelor and I that he had called him, I believe Chief Batchelor was with me. He had called the sheriff, and the sheriff had told him that he understood we were to transfer the prisoner, and he told him if that was his wish, we would. As to what time in the morning that was, I would say that was somewhere around 9 o'clock, Mr. Hubert, the best I recollect.
Mr. Hubert.
What makes you fix it at 9 o'clock?
Chief STEVENSON. Because I know between 9 and 10 after that conversation had taken place, Chief Curry and Chief Batchelor and I was in on a part of the discussion of using an armored truck. And Chief Curry instructed Chief Batchelor to see if he could contact an armored truck company who could furnish us one. That was between 9 and 10 when that was done.
Mr. Hubert.
Your thought is that the conversation between Carry and Batchelor was before that, of course?
Chief STEVENSON. Between Curry and Batchelor?
Mr. Hubert.
And Decker, was before that?
Chief STEVENSON. Yes; that was when he found out that we would make the transfer, or when he had advised Chief Batchelor and I that we would.
Mr. Hubert.
Now there was a change of plans from that, and I would like you to state, if you would, what you know about the change of plans, when it occurred, and so forth. That is to say, the decision not to use the armored car.
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