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(Testimony of Bell P. Herndon)

Mr. Herndon.
Question No. 10: "Did any of your long distance telephone calls concern the shooting of Oswald?" Mr. Ruby replied "No."
Mr. Specter.
What number question was that again?
Mr. Herndon.
Question No. 10.
Question No. 11: "Did you shoot Oswald in order to save Mrs. Kennedy the ordeal of a trial?" Mr. Ruby replied "Yes." Question No. 12: "Did you know the Tippit that was killed?" Mr. Ruby replied "No."
Question No. 13: "Did you tell the truth about relaying the message to Ray Brantley to get McWillie a few guns?" Mr. Ruby replied "Yes."
Question No. 14: "Did you go to the assembly room on Friday night to get the telephone number of KLIF?" Mr. Ruby replied "Yes."
Question No. 15: "Did you ever meet with Oswald and Tippit at your clubs?" Mr. Ruby replied "No."
Mr. Specter.
On the designations series 9 and 9A, Mr. Herndon, did loosen up the cuff on his arm during the two series?
Mr. Herndon.
Yes; I deliberately loosened or actually I completely took off all pressure off his arm to allow him to have complete circulation in his arm and to give him a rest period before proceeding with series 9A. I believe the transcript will show that I asked him if he was feeling all right and if he was ready to proceed before going into series 9A. A review of series 9A with regard to Ruby's polygrams fails to reveal any significant physiological reaction with regard to his responses to these relevant questions.
At this point, Mr. Specter, I might add that we are getting into an area now where it is possible that Ruby is getting somewhat cuff weary and getting somewhat tired and becoming somewhat immune to the polygraph technique. I believe we both realized this. However, we wanted to ask these questions as a matter of record. The chart shows there is no stress or strain. However, it is entirely possible that he is becoming desensitized at this point.
Mr. Specter.
Have you now given us all the relevant findings on series 9a?
Mr. Herndon.
Yes; the total chart minutes for this particular series was 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Mr. Specter.
I now hand you series No. 10 which is marked Herndon Deposition Exhibit No. 11, and ask you to start again with the relevant questions and give us the responses thereto and any significant findings.
(Herndon Deposition Exhibit No. 11 was marked for identification.)
Mr. Herndon.
Series No. 10 again was mutually agreed upon by several of the people present during the examination. However, formally authorized by Mr. Specter of the President's Commission. They are question No. 2 which is relevant: "Were you at the Parkland Hospital any time on Friday?" Mr. Ruby replied, "No."
Question No. 3, which is considered relevant. "Did you say anything when you shot Oswald other than what you testified about?" Mr. Ruby replied, "No."
Question No. 4, which was originally recommended by Dr. Beavers and as agreed upon by Mr. Specter, was presented in this manner.
Question No. 4: "Have members of your family been physically harmed because of what you did?" Mr. Ruby--could we go off the record here? I am a little confused on my notes at this point?
Mr. Specter.
Yes; off the record.
(Discussion off the record.)
Mr. Specter.
May the record show that while off the record Mr. Herndon has referred to his notes and also to the transcript of testimony taken by the court reporter at the time the polygraph examination was administered, to be sure of the questions and answers here, and that as Mr. Herndon points out, his notes correspond with the transcript.
Will you then proceed Mr. Herndon to state those questions, answers and responses, if any?
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