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(Testimony of Dr. William Robert Beavers)

Mr. Fowler.
In any of these reports, you have no objection to making them available to this Commission?
Dr. BEAVERS. Oh, no.
Mr. Fowler.
If they are requested?
Dr. BEAVERS. If the rights of the patient and the defense attorneys are in agreement--if the rights of the patient are maintained--no, I have no objection.
Mr. Tonahill.
I think it would be nice, if you would, let him have copies of all the reports you have written with respect to his illness, and they would not involve any jeopardy of Mr. Ruby's rights at all, if you would mail them to Mr. Specter.
Dr. BEAVERS. Would you like to have them?
Mr. Specter.
The Commission would be glad to receive any reports you have or any other supplemental information that you may wish to provide.
Dr. BEAVERS. I'll be happy to.
Mr. Specter.
Mr. Alexander, do you have a question?
Mr. Alexander.
Just one or two questions.
Do you recognize that late counsel for the defense. Mr. Fowler, did not participate in the Jack Ruby trial and is not as aware of the facts brought out in the investigation as perhaps I, who was in on it at the first, or Mr. Tonahill, who was in on the trial? You appreciate that, do you not?
Dr. BEAVERS. You are saying that----
Mr. Alexander.
That Mr. Fowler got in so late on this thing that he probably doesn't know--that he is not as aware of the facts of the case as I am?
Dr. BEAVERS. I don't know how I would know Chat. I know when he came in, but how aware of the facts he is, I don't know that. How would I know that?
Mr. Alexander.
Did it appear to you that Ruby was looking to me for aid in framing some of these questions because of my peculiar knowledge of the case, in that I was in on it from the moment of the assassination of the President?
Dr. BEAVERS. I noticed that he did look to you in terms of getting some sort of support or information or possibly framing questions.
Mr. Alexander.
And you see nothing unusual in that, considering the fact that I am probably the one person that has possession of the most facts?
Dr. BEAVERS. I think I have already covered what I felt was probable, as far as what was going on with Mr. Ruby as to how he behaved here.
Mr. Alexander.
Did you feel that he wanted me particularly to know the truth about certain areas or at least the truth as he represented it?
Dr. BEAVERS. Yes, sir.
Mr. Alexander.
You did not feel that I took advantage of him in any way here today, do you?
Dr. BEAVERS. No, I thought you were extremely gentlemanly and pleasantly helpful.
Mr. Tonahill.
I am not making that comment.
Mr. Fowler.
You have been the most cordial since we have been in this, Bill. Let me make one other statement--this is relevant.
Are you through, Bill?
Mr. Alexander.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Fowler.
I wish to make this statement for the record that at some time during the course of this interrogation and hearing, that I was called by Mr. Bill Decker, stating that a telephone call, long distance, had been made to him. I answered the phone and Mr. Earl Ruby and Mr. Sol Dann were on the phone speaking from Detroit. They wanted to know what was going on and who had authorized this hearing, and why I came down and why Mr. Tonahill was here, and why we did not stop the hearing.
I tried to the best of my ability to explain to him that I had talked with Jack and has also explained to the Commission that we were of the opinion that Mr. Ruby had certain rights that might be violated here, but that this was entirely the wishes and demands of Jack Ruby himself, and these matters had been set up prior to my entrance into the case and prior to the entrance of Mr. Dann, and that I could not control them.
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