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(Testimony of Mrs. Eva Grant)

Mr. Hubert.
Under the rules of the proceedings your counsel may make any objection at anytime and under the rules also he could ask you any questions that he wants to at the end of the whole hearing, but I think, for ease of handling, it would be better if he asked you his questions after we have finished a particular area or block. I will try to indicate to your counsel when I am passing from one to the other, so that we can stop there and let him ask the questions as to that block, but I invite you, Mr. Burleson, if I should overlook and pass on to the next block, and it is obvious to you that I am, will you please interrupt and we will then have your questions relative to that block, so that the whole of the matter will be together in that way.
I think that perhaps the first thing I should like for you to do is identify the statements that were made by you to the FBI in several interviews that they had of you. Now, for the purpose of identification, first I am marking these. exhibits as follows, to wit: "Dallas, Tex. May 28, 1964, Exhibit 1 to the deposition of Eva Grant." I have signed my name to that and placed my initials on each of the subsequent pages in the lower right-hand corner. That Exhibit No. 1 purports to be the report of an interview of you by FBI Agents Jack Peden and Gaston Thompson on November 25, 1963, consisting of seven pages, and I have previously handed this Exhibit 1 to you and your attorney with the request that you read it and make any notes you wish, because what we want to do now is to state whether this Exhibit 1 represents a correct version of your understanding of the facts, and I will now ask you--have you read Exhibit 1?
Mrs. Grant.
Yes; I have.
Mr. Hubert.
With the aid and assistance of your counsel, would you tell us please, ma'am, whether Exhibit 1 is correct, pointing out any incorrections--things that are incorrect--anything that is omitted ?
Mrs. Grant.
I would have to see that again; may I?
Mr. Hubert.
Yes, ma'am.
Mr. Burleson.
Mr. Hubert, I might make a suggestion here since I have gone over it with her, possibly I could take her now and go into these areas?
Mr. Hubert.
That will be a good way to do it because my general question is whether or not it is a completely correct document, and, therefore, to the extent it is not, I think it would be best if you would take her over to show that.
Mrs. Grant.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
May I suggest that you use a system of quoting the sentence to which you address yourself so it is clearly identified?
Mr. Burleson.
Mrs. Grant, on page 1 of this--it is correct to the best of your present memory, is it not? Off the record.
(A discussion between Counsel Hubert and Counsel Burleson off the record.)
Mrs. Grant.
Let me go ahead and say this now--you do want me to say it--when Jack looked at that Weissman ad, it seems to me this is what he said----
Mr. Burleson.
Wait, are you making reference to a specific sentence in here, or are you adding to something?
Mrs. Grant.
Well, I didn't say here that he called. I think he was over there. I'm almost sure, but I may have said it--will you tell him about me? I was so sick--I mean--I was----
Mr. Burleson.
Well, we will get into that in just a minute. Is there anything in this---on this first page that is incorrect as you now view things?
Mrs. Grant.
Well, you see, right here, "he said he contacted" he was in the Dallas Morning News when the President was assassinated. He was placing his ads and he was in the building from 11 until, maybe, at 1:30, and that should have been put in here and I thought I told him that.
Mr. Burleson.
Well, let's refer to thatch this last sentence on page 1, it starts out with, "She stated that Jack Ruby told her that he was at the Dallas Morning News which ran his advertisements and asked them, 'Where in the hell do you get off taking an ad like that? Are you money hungry?'" What do you want to say about that?
Mrs. Grant.
There was a fellow there that takes his ads and his name is Newman. I think his name is John Newman, and Jack was in that area where this all takes place and the telephones were ringing, and Jack says people were
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