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The testimony of the following witnesses is contained in volume XIII: L. C. Graves, James Robert Leavelle, L. D. Montgomery, Thomas Donald McMillon, and Forrest V. Sorrels, who participated in the arrest and questioning of Jack L. Ruby; Dr. Fred A. Bieberdorf, Frances Cason, Michael Hardin, and C. E. Hulse, who testified concerning the time at which Lee Harvey Oswald was shot; Ira Jefferson Beers, Jr., Robert Leonard Hankal, Robert S. Huffaker, Jr., George R. Phenix, and Jim Turner, news media personnel who observed the shooting of Oswald; Harold R. Fuqua, Edward Kelly, Louis McKinzie, Edward E. Pierce, Alfreadia Riggs, and John Olridge Servance, janitorial employees of the Dallas Municipal Building who gave testimony relating to the manner in which Ruby may have entered the building; A. M. Eberhardt, Sidney Evans, Jr., Bruce Ray Carlin, Karen Bennett Carlin, Doyle E. Lane, Elnora Pitts, Hal Priddy, Jr., Huey Reeves, Warren E. Richey, Malcolm R. Slaughter, Vernon S. Smart, John Allison Smith, Jesse M. Strong, and Ira N. Walker, Jr., all of whom saw Ruby for brief times during the period November 22-24, 1963, prior to the shooting of Oswald; John L. Daniels and Theodore Jackson, attendants at parking lots near the point at which Ruby's car was parked on November 24, 1963; and Andrew Armstrong, Jr., Bertha Cheek, and Curtis LaVerne Crafard, who were acquainted with Ruby prior to November 22, 1963.


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