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(Testimony of Dr. Fred A. Bieberdorf)

Dr. Bieberdorf.
I was, the majority of the time, down at the subbasement in the locker room. I was no closer to the spot that Oswald was shot--at which Oswald was shot than I was at the time of the shooting, and no time was I--well, with the exception of crossing through about 9:45.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, when you left the first aid room in the bottom floor, did you leave anybody in there? Was there anyone in those rooms at that time?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
There was no one in the room. It was empty. The fellow that I had relieved left the building.
Mr. Hubert.
Were those doors locked?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
Those doors were locked, and I had a key to them. The police officer, just before I left, looked in the rooms, searched them. I unlocked the rooms for them. Now, I don't know----
Mr. Hubert.
To your knowledge, was there anyone in those rooms at all?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
There was nobody in those rooms, and I had the only key that is commonly used to open those rooms, other than the keys that the janitors have.
Mr. Hubert.
And all doors were locked and you had a key, and as far as you know, you are the only one who does have a key unless there is a general key?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
Well, I am sure there is.
Mr. Hubert.
All right. Any other corrections to be made on that exhibit?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
I don't believe so. I could add, to what Ruby said, or what----
Mr. Hubert.
Well, yes; I should like you to say if there is anything in there that--or if you heard something that Ruby said which is not in your report denominated as Exhibit 5123, I wish you would add that.
Dr. Bieberdorf.
Okay; well, as I stated earlier, I saw him on the two occasions. Once st approximately 2:05, and the second time at approximately 6 p.m., both on November 24.
At the 2:05 time that I saw him, he, as I stated in this document--Well, let me just go through what, as best I can recall, what was said. I identified myself to him. I don't recall that he said who he was or that either the police officer with him or the FBI agent with him at the time identified him to me. I told him that I had been asked to see if he had any complaints or injuries as a result of the earlier scuffle he had in the city hall.
He assured me that he was not injured in any way. He took off his coat, which he had on at the time, and showed me a few bruises on the medial aspect of his right arm, and I also noted a few bruises on his right wrist which appeared to be fresh, but, he assured me these weren't bothering him, and he had no other injuries. He, at that time---oh, I don't recall the exact words he used, but he expressed an admiration for the police officers. And in saying that he had no injuries he stated that the police had just done what they had to do, that they hadn't injured him any more than necessary, than he would expect in such a scuffle, and again spoke of how the police were doing their job and how they were doing their job well.
At 6 o'clock. Well, excuse me. Delete that 6 o'clock.
He, at that time, did not seem to act--I did not make any observation of his behavior at that time.
Just saw him for a matter of 2 or 3 minutes during that time. I did not attempt to do any mental status observation or examination on him, and really couldn't say anything, hadn't formed any opinion as to the state of mind that he was in at that time.
Mr. Hubert.
Is that last statement of yours true as to both interviews, or only the 6 o'clock one?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
Both interviews. I saw him 2 or 3 minutes at 2 o'clock, or 2:05, and another 2 or 3 minutes at 6 o'clock. Now, the conversation that I mentioned occurred at 2:05.
Mr. Hubert.
No conversation in the evening, in the later call, later visit?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
At that time---6 o'clock when I saw him, I had stated that I had been asked to do additional and rectal examination to make sure he had not smuggled anything into the jail. By this time he had on a pair of white pants and white shirt that apparently, looked like a uniform that cooks in the
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