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(Testimony of Dr. Fred A. Bieberdorf)

Mr. Hubert.
I am encircling that language and connecting it by a line with the circle drawn by Dr. Bieberdorf. All right. Now, have you any other comments to make about Document Exhibit 5123?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
A few more minor ones. Several more minor ones.
Mr. Hubert.
All right.
Dr. Bieberdorf.
Page 1, second paragraph, the last sentence on that page states "He stated that he then immediately saw Ruby laying faceup in the jail office lobby, approximately 10 feet inside the Jail lobby door."
Mr. Hubert.
Now, your comment.
Dr. Bieberdorf.
My comment is that I did see Ruby's feet, at least, but I did not notice whether he was lying faceup or facedown. He was surrounded by a number of police officers.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you. know Ruby at the time?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
No, I didn't have any idea who it was, and that is the reason that I got so close there, that I thought that this was Oswald.
Mr. Hubert.
You thought it was the man who had been shot?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
All right. Correction. not Oswald, but the person who had been shot. At the time I did not know who had been shot, if, any shot--if, indeed it had been a shot and I did not get a look at the person to see his face, or even to see whether he was lying faceup or facedown. I could just see him on the floor surrounded by a number of men.
Mr. Hubert.
All right, any other modifications or corrections?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
On page 2, it is actually a continuation of the same sentence that ends on page 1. On page 2, "And he then saw Oswald in the same position."
We11, "same position," refers to "faceup," and indeed, Oswald was faceup, but if this is an amendment where Ruby is no longer faceup, better change this to "faceup."
Mr. Hubert.
All right.
Dr. Bieberdorf.
Okay. On page 2, the first paragraph; about the third sentence there begins, "He noticed that someone had pulled 0swald's shirt up to. his chest, and he could see a puncture wound in the left side of Oswald's stomach just below the rib cage."
He did have this puncture wound on his left side, but it wasn't below his rib cage. It was--I'd like to correct that "stomach". Just below the rib cage to the left side of his lower chest. I don't really--I didn't count what rib it was under, but I believe it was between the two ribs, probably down just below the fifth or sixth.
Mr. Hubert.
All right, any others?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
Oh; I skipped one or two- Excuse me. Back on page 1, the second paragraph on page 1, the sentence that begins near the bottom of the page, that begins: "He stated this took him several minutes due to the confusion and by the time he reached the general vicinity of the location--". This "several minutes," I don't believe is accurate. I don't recall whether I said several minutes at the time. I later--well, I think it was a matter of, say, "something like 1 to 2 minutes, rather than several minutes" and again, in the same paragraph, next to last sentence on the page that begins, "He stated he searched the immediate area for several minutes before proceeding."
I think this, again, is way too long and had better read, "a few seconds," than several minutes.
Mr. Hubert.
Any other corrections?
Dr. Bieberdorf.
On page 2, second paragraph, the third sentence which is the last sentence, "He stated the latter two," referring to the ambulance driver and his assistant, "--ambulance driver and his assistant were riding in the front seat, and the two detectives were in a seat immediately behind the front seat, and Detective Leavelle was sitting immediately to his left in the rear of the ambulance." The two detectives, and rather than "sitting in the seat immediately behind the front seat," they were behind---just inside the tailgate of the ambulance, about Oswald's feet, and Officer Leavelle and myself were sitting in the seat directly behind the front seat.
You earlier made the query about when I had left him. It states in here on page 2, the last sentence of the last paragraph, "He stated 2 minutes after entering the emergency room, also known as the trauma room, Oswald was
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