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(Testimony of Forrest V. Sorrels)

That his mother and dad were separated for 25 years. That he owes Uncle Sam a big piece of money. That he has love for the city of Dallas--for the city--he did not say Dallas. That his sister was operated on recently, she was hysterical about the President. That he went to the synagogue Friday night, heard a eulogy. And he had been grieving from that time on. That he went over to where the President was shot.
He wanted Captain Fritz to not hate him for what he had done. That when he was with the union, that one of his dear friends was killed, he came to the place where it happened. Leon Cook was the man. That Ruby's mother told him to leave. That he was in the union Scrap Iron and Junk Dealers Association. That a man by the name of Jim Martin killed Cook. That Martin was political and had affiliations and got out of it.
That his roommate sold postcards. That his politics were Democratic, but he voted for the man.
That Sammy Ruby, a brother, who services washaterias. Another brother, Earl Ruby, in Detroit, who operated a cleaning plant. Another brother, Hyman Rubenstein, in Chicago, a salesman.
That he had also sold twist boards. That he would not think of committing a felony. That Tom O'Grady, a Catholic, formerly with the police department, had called him, that he had called Sims, who is one of the members o£ the police department, and wanted to bring sandwiches for them, because he knew they were having a tough time, and that Sims said that it wasn't needed.
That he tried to located---anyway, it was some of the TV people to give them to. And that is when he went to the showup room. And that is the first time that he had even seen anyone like that, referring to Oswald.
That he had seen Henry, meaning Henry Wade, the district attorney, talking to someone. That KLIF, the radio station there, had been good to him. No one else was involved.
That is my notes--"no one else involved"--meaning there was no one else involved with him, Ruby, in connection with the shooting.

Mr. Hubert.
Now, was this a sort of monologue on his part, or response to questions?
Mr. Sorrels.
No; as I said a moment ago, that was in response to questions.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, thus far have you covered only the part of the interview which was conducted by Fritz, or was some of that the result of your questioning?
Mr. Sorrels.
About the only thing that I recall questioning him about was possibly the correct address on the night club.
Mr. Hubert.
Do you know if anyone asked him how he got in? I think perhaps you have testified to that already.
Mr. Sorrels.
Yes, Captain Fritz asked him that.
Mr. Hubert.
And he said he came in through the ramp, I believe you said.
Mr. Sorrels.
That is right.
Mr. Hubert.
Did he state at any time during that interview about any intent to kill Oswald, to shoot him three times, and he is glad he was dead?
Mr. Sorrels.
I do not recall that.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, I am going to show you a document which is actually a photostatic copy, or Xerox copy, of Commission Document 354, consisting of four pages. I am going to mark that document for identification as follows, to wit, "Deposition of Forrest Sorrels, Washington, D.C., May 6, 1964," and I am signing my name to that, all of which is on the right margin of the first page. I am placing my initials in the lower right-hand corner of the second, third, and fourth pages. I ask you if you can identify this document, or rather, the photostatic copy? Would you state what it is?
Mr. Sorrels.
This is a photocopy of a memorandum report titled "Assassination of President Kennedy," the second line of that caption, "Jack Leon Ruby--slayer of Lee Harvey Oswald, charged with murder of President Kennedy." Submitted by me, Forrest V. Sorrels, on February 3, 1964. And it consists of three full pages and a portion of--about a fifth of the fourth page.
Mr. Hubert.
I think your signature, or, rather, a photostatic copy of your signature is on the front.
Mr. Sorrels.
That is correct--on the front.
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