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(Testimony of Forrest V. Sorrels)

Mr. Hubert.
of the Dallas Police Department, did you find that any obstacles or hindrances were put in your way of examining him?
Mr. Sorrels.
No, sir; except had he been in our own custody, there would have been a chance to have questioned him without others being present, or so many others being present.
Mr. Hubert.
At the time that you were in Fritz' office, on November 24, did you hear any plans discussed for the transfer of Oswald?
Mr. Sorrels.
No; I did not say that I heard anything about any plans. I do recall that Oswald requested to have some of his clothes brought down there, because his shirt that he had on when he was arrested had been taken from him, I think, for laboratory examination. And Captain Fritz sent and got some of his clothes, and he selected kind of a sweater-type----
Mr. Hubert.
But you did not hear the officers of the Dallas police force discussing the method of transportation and the security measures that they had planned and put into operation?
Mr. Sorrels.
Yes; I did hear a part of it, I recall now. There was some suggestion about transporting him in an armored car. Captain Fritz objected to that because of---one reason that I recall was what effect it might have in his trial, that that might prejudice the prosecution by him being transported in an armored car, which is not of course ordinarily used in the transportation of prisoners in that area.
Another thing that I recall is that Captain Fritz thought that the armored car would be a bit cumbersome and it would not be able to maneuver as easily as a car. And it was his desire to take him in a police car with escorts.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you hear anyone suggest that the plan then proposed, and ultimately carried out in part, at least, should be changed so as to bypass the press, as it were?
Mr. Sorrels.
No; I did not. At that time there was no way to bypass them, because they were out in the hall. As I had come to the building, I even noticed cameras down in the basement of the city hall there.
Mr. Smith.
Could I interrupt just a second, sir. I may be completely wrong about this, but wasn't there something about the time of transporting him?
Mr. Sorrels.
Yes. As I understand it, some of the reporters had inquired of Chief Jesse Curry as to whether or not he was going to transport him to the county jail on the night of November 23.
Now, this is hearsay, that the reporters wanted to be relieved so they could get some sleep if he was not going to be transported that night--they would go home and get some rest.
Chief Curry himself told me that he had said something to this effect, "Go on home and get your sleep, there won't be anything doing before 10 o'clock tomorrow morning."
As I recall, I think the newspapers then published the fact that he would be moved at 10 o'clock in the morning, or words to that effect.
Mr. Smith.
I just wanted to get the full story, because I remembered him having mentioned something about this. I do not know whether it is important.
Mr. Hubert.
Well, in that connection, had you heard that the FBI had received an anonymous phone call from someone advising that an effort, by a group of men, would be made to kill Oswald?
Mr. Sorrels.
I do not recall that I had heard any such report at that time. I did hear that there had been an anonymous call come into the police department that someone would try to kill him when they removed him, or words to that effect. But that, I believe, was subsequent to the time he was actually shot. I do not recall that morning of having heard anything about that. And I definitely did not hear anything about a group. I remembered something about it later on, but I never heard anything about it at that time.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you hear of any plans made as to the actual route that would be followed in transporting Oswald?
Mr. Sorrels.
Not before Oswald was shot.
Mr. Hubert.
Do you know why, from anything you knew then, or have learned since, the cameramen and so forth were all congregated in the basement area?
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