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(Testimony of Sidney , Jr. Evans)

Mr. Evans.
Malcolm, and he said he seen a man who was dressed up that looked like him that he spoke to outside the apartment there. I think he went down to get a letter or something, or check the mail, or something.
Mr. Hubert.
Who did? Slaughter?
Mr. Evans.
Mr. Hubert.
Had Slaughter indicated that he knew Ruby?
Mr. Evans.
No; he didn't know him. Just like I was, just stayed there maybe one day a week, you know, and----
Mr. Hubert.
Well, all right; I think that's it.
Mr. Evans.
Didn't know anyone there.
Mr. Hubert.
Well, now, have you been interviewed prior to today by any member of the Commission's staff?
Mr. Evans.
No, sir; I believe there was a Mr. Page, or something--somebody----
Mr. Hubert.
FBI man?
Mr. Evans.
Talked to me.
Mr. Hubert.
I am talking about a member of the advisory staff of the Commission itself?
Mr. Evans.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, prior to the commencement of this interview--I mean this deposition, there was a short interview between you and me. Did anything occur during that interview which we have not brought out in the deposition?
Mr. Evans.
Mr. Hubert.
I think that is all, sir.

Bruce Ray Carlin

Testimony of Bruce Ray Carlin

The testimony of Bruce Ray Carlin was taken at 4:30 p.m., on April 15, 1964, at the Post Office Building, Fort Worth, Tex., by Mr. Leon D. Hubert, Jr., assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. Hubert.
This is the deposition of Bruce Carlin. Let the record show that his attorney, Mr. Alfred J. Jackson of the firm of Tuchin & Jackson, 705 Fair Building, Fort Worth, Tex., is present and representing Mr. Carlin during the time this deposition is being taken. Let the record show also that Mrs. Bruce Carlin, his wife, is also in the room.
By the way, and this may go on the record, too, Mr. Jackson, you had mentioned to me prior to the beginning of the deposition something about obtaining a copy.
Mr. Jackson.
We don't want one.
Mr. Hubert.
Let me say to you that a copy can be made available to you at the cost which the reporter will charge you for the copy.
(Reporter stated that the price to them would be 35 cents per page.)
Mr. Jackson.
They want one.
Mr. Hubert.
Miss Laidrich, at the end of each of these depositions let there be a statement to the effect that Mr. Jackson-- why don't you dictate it.
Mr. Jackson.
Let the record show that Bruce Carlin and his wife, Karen Bennett Carlin, have made it known at this time to the interrogator representing the Warren Commission that each of them would like a copy of their deposition in this matter, that at this time each is financially unable to pay for said deposition and reserves the right to obtain a copy of said deposition at some later date.
Mr. Hubert.
My name is Leon Hubert. I am a member of the adviSOry staff of the General Counsel of the President's Commission.
Under the provisions of Executive Order 11130, dated November 29, 1963, the Joint Resolution of Congress No. 137, and the rules of procedure adopted by the Commission,. in conformance with the Executive order and the joint resolution, I have been authorized to take a sworn deposition from you, Mr. Carlin.
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