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(Testimony of A. M. Eberhardt)

Mr. Griffin.
Have you seen people who are like Jack, enough people of Jack's background that you think you could judge his character?
Mr. Eberhardt.
We get around a lot of characters in this business, and he was one of them. He was a little more unique than some of the others.
Mr. Griffin.
How was he more unique?
Mr. Eberhardt.
Everybody knew he had a bad temper. He had a reputation in town as being a streetfighter.
Mr. Griffin.
Mr. Ebeerhardt.
If an officer got in trouble around his place, he would help him.
Mr. Griffin.
Do you think he was the kind of a man who was capable of being nice to people for his own benefit because. there would be some personal interest or profit in it?
Mr. Eberhardt.
I don't know. He I couldn't see what he could--he never asked us to do anything. We arrested people out of his place. He didn't get mad at us, say anything to us, "Don't arrest her." In fact, he told us about it. She was about to start on his show at the time that we arrested her.
Mr. Griffin.
Is that the girl on the forgery charge?
Mr. Eberhardt.
Mr. Griffin.
Do you think Jack was the kind of man who was capable of keeping a secret of being engaged in activities that other people might not know about?
Mr. Eberhardt.
Certainly. I believe, if he didn't want us to know something, he wasn't going to tell us. If he did something illegal, I wouldn't look for him to come tell us; we would have to catch him, if he was doing something, but most people are that way.
Mr. Griffin.
He was an outgoing guy, he talked about a lot of things, but was he also the kind of guy that was capable of keeping things pretty close to the vest if he wanted to?
Mr. Eberhardt.
Yes. Like I say, going up there to check his old place. he knew me as well as anyone. He has walked past me and not even seen me. He was just in another world. He would walk past and stop and say hello and say, "I didn't see you," and another time he would see you two blocks away and run you down and say hello. He liked people in his place; he liked names to introduce you to people, and that is why he had somebody around there. Like when he had Buddy King around there, and after he got through telling me who he was, I thought he was a big star, after Jack got through telling me he had been in the movies. He is just like that. That is all.
Mr. Griffin.
Did you hear any reports prior to the time that he shot Oswald that he was a homosexual?
Mr. Eberhardt.
No, I hadn't heard anything. In fact, I thought he was a ladies' man, the way he talked.
Mr. Griffin.
Is there anything else about this Mullinax thing, incident, that seems significant to you?
Mr. Eberhardt.
Just the fact that he went to the funeral, talked about this fellow getting away with it, that something should be done, more or less that we just couldn't do anything about it.
Mr. Griffin.
Have there been any other police officers killed in the line of duty, other than Tippit and Mullinax, since you have been on the force?
Mr. Eberhardt.
Mr. Griffin.
Did Jack--was Jack personally acquainted with Mullinax?
Mr. Eberhardt.
He knew Mullinax, had seen him. He had been up at the place.
Mr. Griffin.
Would Mullinax have had an opportunity to visit Jack's place on a regular basis in connection with his business on the police force?
Mr. Eberhardt.
I wouldn't say that Jack Ruby knew him as good as he knew some of the other officers, no, but Mullinax had been up there several times.
Mr. Griffin.
Who were at the time that Oswald was killed, who were the officers on the force outside of yourself that Ruby knew the best, would you say?
Mr. Eberthardt.
I don't know who he knew the best.
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