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(Testimony of Edward E. Pierce)

Mr. Pierce.
No; from the garage area.
Mr. Hubert.
From the garage area, right.
Mr. Pierce.
But, from the municipal building that is not so. From being required to stay there and unable to even leave there, even now, like I said, I can't possibly state there was no one else there, but I do know they weren't in t-his area, because they were supposed to be---stay where they were and----
Mr. Hubert.
Do you know how they got out of the municipal building that they were in with you to get to the police room, from your own knowledge? Not what somebody else told you, but from your own knowledge?
Mr. Pierce.
From my own knowledge; no, sir. I don't know. Now, there was a small interval of time elapsed when we first left the basement area here on the elevator and came up to the first floor. McKinzie was the operator of the elevator, which has a buzzer system on it for calling, and. as such, is required to answer calls to whatever floor the personnel is calling for elevator service there, because that is the only elevator in operation, and he did answer a call or two probably from the-phone operators up on five, like I say, when we left the basement area and went up to one, he was there, too, and in that small interval of time, I would say about 10 minutes, he came back and reparked the elevator there on one and said that--told me that a policeman had told him not to answer any more calls on that elevator. To even remove the elevator completely from the basement area, and don't answer any more calls until notified later. And that---and that elevator stayed there then at that point there is one of the things that entered my mind a while ago when you were speaking of--about the elevator being shut off, and the operator can turn a switch and turn it out of service, and he brought up the elevator and told me, and Servance was there, at the time, and Servance is his immediate boss, and told Servance that he had been instructed not to answer any more calls on that elevator.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, I asked you whether or not you know how Riggs and Fuqua got out of the building? What way they used to get out of the building?
Mr. Pierce.
Now, they left us where we were there in that small interval of time and it is possible that they went back down and walked across to the stairway that goes to the police locker room, is--that is the only way they could get to it., if they took that route, actually, the question was, "Do I know how?", and I'm not certain, because I did not follow them or go with them.
The easiest way, across the other stairway and wen.t down to the police locker room or that stairway from Commerce Street down to the porters' quarters, and the subbasement where our equipment is, from that stairway there is a door that is locked there, also. They would have to have a key. If they got in the police locker room there is a fire escape from the locker room out to the outside in case they ever have to leave, but you cannot go into it without a key.
If they used that route, they had to use a key, which I don't know if anybody has a key or not.
It is the only two ways they could have gotten there, and at that time when they were immediately clearing out of this area, it is very possible the policemen, knowing that they were building maintenance employees, and been seeing them for years, especially John the head porter, why, and Harold Fuqua in charge of parking of cars in this basement area, might have said it was all right for them to take these stairs down to the locker room as they were going to have to leave this area anyway. They could either have gone to the they could either have gone from the municipal building down the stairs or permitted them to go back into the police and courts building.
Mr. Hubert.
Well, now, they have gotten out of the municipal building by going through the service elevator, through the alleyway door and out through the alley to Main Street, couldn't they?
Mr. Pierce.
They could have, but they couldn't have gotten--they would have to come hack into this basement area down .this ramp in order to get into where the stairway is to go down to the police locker room.
Mr. Hubert.
Well, they could have gone down the police department building entrance on Harwood, down into this basement.
Mr. Pierce.
They would have had to----
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