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(Testimony of Ira Jefferson "Jack", Jr. Beers)

Mr. Griffin.
You indicated in your interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation that you felt sure that if you had seen Ruby in the basement you would have recognized him?
Mr. Beers.
Yes, sir; I know his face that well; yes, sir.
Mr. Griffin.
I take it from that, that the lighting conditions were such and the people were spread out thinly enough so that you were in a position from where you were to have seen the man?
Mr. Beers.
Television camera had a bank or two banks, I don't remember which, of light, and the lighting was adequate in there.
However, there was a considerable number of people and quite an amount of confusion.
It is possible he could have been in there and I had not seen him, but had I seen him, there was enough light for me to have recognized him.
Mr. Griffin.
Were you taking any pictures before it became apparent Oswald was being brought down?
Mr. Beers.
I think I made up earlier, looked up towards the Commerce Street entrance that showed either one or two policemen in silhouette at the top of that ramp there.
I believe I made one negative, and I believe that it was one or two policemen up there. There was at least an officer there.
Mr. Griffin.
Now you indicated earlier that you had first met Jack Ruby 18 months before in connection with some freelance work that you were doing. Can you tell us what that was?
Mr. Beers.
Mr. Bayse, Dale Bayse was doing a story, speculating as to being able to sell this story, and needed some photographers to illustrate it.
His information to me was that Mr. Ruby had a stripper school, and that he would like to have some pictures of these, of this school, and these people involved in the school, the supposed instructors and the supposed students, to illustrate this article with.
Mr. Griffin.
Did Mr. Bayse ever sell the story?
Mr. Beers.
I believe that story he showed me a copy of Adam Magazine. I believe that was probably December 1962.
Mr. Griffin.
How much time did you spend at Jack Ruby's place of business taking photographs?
Mr. Beers.
That particular day, which was the only time I was there in his place, I spent from approximately 11 o'clock until must have been around 7. It was dark when I went outside.
Mr. Griffin.
Did you visit only the Carousel Club? Or also the Vegas Club?
Mr. Beers.
Just the Carousel Club; yes, sir.
Mr. Griffin.
Do you still have any of the photographs?
Mr. Beers.
Yes, sir; I do. I supplied the FBI with one or two sets of those photographs, and I do have some still available. I would like to inject here that I was introduced to Mr. Ruby on this particular day, which was my first meeting with him, and--but throughout the day I had little or no conversation with him. He was negotiating with Mr. Bayse.
Mr. Griffin.
Was he actually running the school for strippers or was this a promotion idea?
Mr. Beers.
Mr. Griffin, this is an opinion. I don't think Mr. Ruby actually ran a stripper school. As I worked throughout the day, it seemed fairly apparent to me that there was no school in operation there, I don't think. That is strictly an opinion. Mr. Ruby did run an amateur night, and from what information I think I absorbed there, it appeared that these girls must have, part of them practiced in some of his amateur and semiregularly at his place, and it didn't appear to be a school.
Mr. Griffin.
Was he running an amateur night at the time you were taking these photographs?
Mr. Beers.
I was not familiar with the club prior to that.
Mr. Griffin.
But at the time you took these photographs, did you have the understanding that he had run an amateur night?
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