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(Testimony of Lt. Jack Revill)

Mr. Hubert.
does with these reports, I do not know. He may have turned these over to some Federal agency.
Mr. Hubert.
I tell you what I would like for you to do, if you please, is to find out if they have been turned over to the FBI. I know a lot of rumors have.
Lieutenant REVILL. All right.
Mr. Hubert.
It may be that all that you ran out and reported on they have too, and therefore, it would be -repetition to have them in there, but what we would be interested in is the copy of the reports and investigation of those reports or rumors that have not been turned over to the FBI. Now, I wonder when you could let me know ?
Lieutenant REVILL. Let you know today.
Mr. Hubert.
All right.
Lieutenant REVILL. And if they have not, what we will do is pull from our file copies, and we will make copies available to you of each and every investigation that we conducted of a connection, or rumor, or connection between Ruby and Oswald.
Mr. Hubert.
In other words, make photostatic copies and. turn them over to me.
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes.
Mr. Hubert.
I would appreciate it and just write at the bottom of it, if you will, and sign it, that this is one of the investigations concerning a rumor, conducted by you, or whoever it was.
Lieutenant REVILL Do you want this as to each individual report, or collectively
Mr. Hubert.
You would have to initial each individual report so that we would be sure.
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes.
Mr. Hubert.
That those are the reports that you referred to in this deposition.
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
That would be very helpful to me. Then you can turn that over to me and we will make it a part of this deposition. In other words, you would certify that these reports are the ones that you were talking about during this deposition, and that to the best of your knowledge, they are correct. In effect, it will be as though you were here or under oath telling us that that is correct and that will close the record up. The only other way would be to have you come here and identify each one and I am trying to avoid that
Lieutenant REVILL. Let me ask you a question. These reports that we make reference to were submitted by officers under my supervision.
Mr. Hubert.
Yes; well, I see your point.
Lieutenant REVILL Will each one of these officers need to initial them, or can I do this ?
Mr. Hubert.
Well, we'll have the understanding that this was-done under your supervision, that you can't vouch for the absolute accuracy of every one of them, but that it is a report made in the course of police department business and that you and the police department rely upon those reports.
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
I think that will be fine. Have you been interviewed by any member of the Commission's staff by--prior to the deposition of this morning, and other than the interview that you and I had just preceding this interview this morning?
Lieutenant REVILL. No, sir; I have not.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, as to the interview that you and I had this morning before this deposition began right here in this room have we, in this deposition, covered all that we talked about in that interview ?
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Is there any material information that we talked about in the interview that has not been brought out in the deposition ?
Lieutenant REVILL. I do not know of any.
Mr. Hubert.
That's it.

Capt. James Maurice Solomon

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